Matt Hardy: The Heart and Soul of Friday Night Smackdown?

Joel GarciaContributor IIApril 26, 2010

Hey guys,

I am gonna keep this article short and sweet. Now some of you might have read Matt Hardy's latest tweet about the so called "Chosen One" Drew McIntrye. If you didn't here is what he had to say.

"I hate him, I really do." then added "The reason I hate Drew is cuz he's been given everything without workin' for it...While I've busted my ass for EVERYTHING I've ever earned! And to earn everything I that I have, I've sacrificed & destroyed my body.. That's why I actually respect Edge-cuz he's done the same."

Now this is all true, if Matt Hardy is the heart and soul of friday night Smackdown, than where is his championships, his moments of glory etc. No wonder why Jeff wants him to go over to TNA, because of the way he is being treated over in the WWE. 

I know it is tough for all superstars and divas to get their "TIME" (you know championships, moments where you are glorified for being a great champion etc) but Matt Hardy is a veteran in this business and deserves a much much better treatment than what he is currently getting (you know being a jobber to Drew McIntrye and most superstars. Which is a downright shame in my opinion).  

If Matt Hardy was still doing crazy high-flying, death defying moves like he was back in the Attitude Era than he could easily kick Drew McIntrye's ass all the way back to the Stone Age (yes that is my poor attempt at some form of a joke)

Okay fellow readers that is all for now. Leave your comments and let me know how you feel about this situation.

Peace All, :D