The Question Is...Which Is The Dominant Show?

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The Question Is...Which Is The Dominant Show?
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Hey guys,Im back.Tonights question is...which is the most dominant show?

This means are are you SMACKDOWN! or are you RAW?You cant be NXT as it sucks.So lets Further(its gonna catch on) into our candidates.

Smackdown:We all know how it started.With the ROCK.It is clear that if TnA had this type of wrestling show,they would be huge!With great(-ish) feuds and the Fantastic(-ish) matches,it is MY favorite show.A truly fantastic show.

RAW:Well,here we are the reason i wrote this article.To rant on,on,on and ON!About the PG era without this just being one of those articles.Raw sucks.Most guest hosts suck.Cena sucks,the storylines suck and overall if it werent for the miz(Who IZ AWWWWWESSSSSSSSOME!) and randy orton id probably watch TnA.

So smackdown wins.Raw has to die.Its inevitable.And i almost forgot...

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