Tennis-Related Idiocy

Rob YorkSenior Writer IJuly 16, 2008

If you go onto ESPN's official site under "Simmons Offers Mea Culpa" and click on B.S. Report, you can see that Bill Simmons, AKA the Sports Guy, has finally recanted from the idiocy of this column. However, he still hasn't given up his ludicrous notion that nobody cares about the Australian Open and that it should be used as an "experimental" event. Simmons, who admittedly hasn't been following the game very closely until recently, may remember the AO as the event that guys like Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe regularly skipped, but wasn't paying attention when the event set the record for day/night attendance. That, and it was also the site of some of Andre Agassi's greatest achievements.

Never mind, though, at least Simmons is moving in the right direction, thanks to the scintillating Wimbledon final. This moron, however, posted his garbage in response to maybe the greatest match ever played. The author of this piece is, in the words of Peter Bodo at, a "tool" and not worth getting worked up about.

Even so, does any other sport provoke sports writers to this level of inanity? Also, why do editors, fact-checkers and publishers consistently allow it to happen?