Time To Take It To The Extreme: Your WWE Extreme Rules PPV Preview

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 25, 2010

It looks like Extreme Rules is next on the schedule for WWE PPVs, which means it’s time to get extreme! What I really love about this PPV is we get to see some great matches like some inside a cage, some where only man will be left standing and matches where anything goes. It’s truly a time when things get exciting and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this year. We’ve got a pretty good card if you ask me and some matches will definitely stand out over others. So with that let’s start your Extreme Rules preview.

World Heavyweight Championship: The All American American, Jack Swagger (c) vs. The Viper, Randy Orton (Extreme Rules Match)

“Swagger’s doing it! He’s cashing in Money In The Bank!”

At Wrestlemania 26, Jack Swagger was the surprise victor of the Money In The Bank briefcase. Can you honestly say that you saw Swagger winning Money In The Bank?  Don’t rub it in DJ, but no one honestly saw this coming. The guy was being booked terribly and was a long shot for the briefcase. However, in the end he still ended up with it and used it well.

5 days after winning the Money In The Bank briefcase, he decided it was time to cash it in. Swagger cashed in his briefcase on SmackDown, capturing the World Title from Chris Jericho. Edge was once again a part of the cashing in of the Money In The Bank briefcase as he speared Jericho before Swagger would cash it in.

Edge and Jericho would battle it out for the No. 1 contendership, but the match would have no winner. On Monday Night Raw, David Haslehoff decided to use his guest host power to name Randy Orton the next No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. Seeing that Orton had delivered the RKO to Swagger for 2 straight weeks, he just couldn’t resist, but to name the Viper the new number 1 contender.

So with Orton being the No. 1 contender for the World Title, he got to face off against the WWE Championship’s No. 1 contender, Batista. The match would eventually end with Swagger getting involved to send a message to the Viper.

The ash cloud in Europe prevented Orton from appearing on Monday Night Raw in person, but he appeared on the titantron to address the Raw public.

Jack Swagger hasn’t been too successful as a champion so far and Randy seems to be on a role going into the match with Swagger at Extreme Rules. All bad combos that are seemingly looking to crown a new World Heavyweight Champion. Will it? We’re going to find out this Sunday won’t we?

I think that the WWE is really ready to give Orton a chance to truly shine too. With the new character, Orton is red hot and at this moment probably one of the most exciting superstars to watch on WWE television. Well him and guys like Chris Jericho, CM Punk, etc. I think it’s a good time to build off Orton and that could mean a World Title for the Viper.

Going to Extreme Measures

In an Extreme Rules Match both Orton and Swagger are free to use any weapons they want. If anything this will only make the Viper more lethal when it comes to the match. Orton is one sick and twisted person and with some weapons at hand he will only be more dangerous and will tear apart Jack Swagger.

Predicted Match Result: Randy Orton def. Jack Swagger to become the New World Heavyweight Champion

Remembering what Edge said about when he first cashed in Money In The Bank, I think Swagger will drop the belt. Edge talked about how he was cocky and it resulted in him dropping the belt really quickly, well I believe it will be the same case here. Swagger will drop the belt to Randy Orton, but the feud will go on between these two, solidifying Swagger his spot in the main event.

Predicted Match Rating: 4 stars

WWE Championship: The Champ, John Cena (c) vs. The Animal, Batista (Last Man Standing)

“You tapped out, you tapped out!”

Those are the chants that Batista has heard recently. Why? Well Wrestlemania 26, WWE Championship match is why. Cena and Batista were going at it in a pretty good match in my opinion and eventually it would result in a victory for WWE’s poster boy, John Cena. This is where the chant comes from, it ended with Dave Batista tapping out to the STF.

Since then Batista has not been a happy man. He proved that on the Monday night after Raw. He and Cena were tagged up in a Unified Tag Team Titles Match on the Raw when David Otunga was hosting. Batista displayed his “interests” in being tag champs with John Cena. Basically, he walked out.

Otunga was displeased with what had happened. He decided to pair John Cena up with himself for another Unified Tag Team Title defense in the main event, later that night. Otunga who had been playing a face for the night, finally decided to make the turn. In the tag match he betrayed John Cena, getting him knocked out by the Big Show and then it was time to make the match. Batisa came out and hit him with a Batista Bomb. After that was done with he announced that at Extreme Rules it will be John Cena vs. Batista in a rematch which would be a Last Man Standing Match. He made it clear that Cena wouldn’t be making anybody tap out at Extreme Rules.

Next week Batista would have a tough task ahead of him. He would face the newly announced, No. 1 Contender for the World Title, Randy Orton in the main event for the night. David Otunga was back on the show too, per request of John Cena. The two would face off where John would get the win and some retribution.

After Orton and Batista’s match was interrupted by Swagger, John saw no reason not to step in himself too. John got in there and once again locked in the STF on Batista. Batista was tapping out to the STF, again. Cena started counting and before you knew it, Cena reached 10. Thank god that wasn’t the match itself or Dave would have lost.

Now when it came to the SmackDown invasion on Raw this week, John Cena still managed to show up on the screen to send a message to the WWE Universe and Batista.

Honestly, the WWE haven’t had a lengthy title run in such a long while with these World Championships and if anyone will get one, it will be John Cena. He’s the face of the WWE, what better candidate? Plus when you look to the other side you have Batista.

Batista has been doing some of his best work in a long while, but that still can’t really help him out here. Dave’s contract with the WWE is expiring and he has shown his interest in pursuing the acting industry. This might just be the end of the road for Dave Batista and I doubt he’s going to win a WWE Championship and then just say, “Nah, I don’t need this. Bye.” Despite how much more it would add to his amazing heel persona.

7, 8, 9, 10! It’s over!

In a Last Man Standing match both superstars are going to be forced to pull out every move in their arsenal. Now, neither of these superstars have the best move arsenal, we all know that so they are going to have to find a good way to spread it apart for 20 minutes or so. Cena also has to make sure that he doesn’t injure Dave. We all know how injury prone he is and especially since he’s interested in leaving for acting (or seems to be). When it comes to who will the Last Man Standing Match give an edge to, no doubt in my mind, The Animal, Batista.

Predicted Match Result: John Cena def. Batista to retain the WWE Championship

As I mentioned before, Batista is likely on his way out from the company. He cannot and will not get the victory in this one. John Cena will retain and hopefully move on to a feud with a new superstar acquired in the draft. Maybe a Friday Night Delight who is rumored to be heading to Monday nights or a certain Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla who is said to be moving back to Raw. Who knows? Either way, those would be rather interesting.

Predicted Match Rating: 3 stars

Steel Cage Match: The Rated R Superstar, Edge vs. The Best In The World Today, Chris Jericho

At Wrestlemania it finally happened. The Rated R Superstar took on Chris Jericho for the World Title. The match resulted in the World Heavyweight Champion (well former champion now), Chris Jericho retaining. After the match Edge would get some retribution after he speared Chris off the announce table. The match itself was probably the second best match of the evening next to Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker.

We had to know things weren’t over between these two. Things would soon heat up when Edge would cost Chris Jericho the World Title. Edge once again speared Chris Jericho and Jack Swagger came running out with the Money In The Bank briefcase. He cashed it in and was crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion. At the end of the night Teddy Long announced that Jericho and Edge would fight each other next week for the No. 1 contendership.

Next week’s battle would have no victor. Jericho and Edge fought to a No Contest in the match. They would cap it off with a fight outside the ring. Things were just getting good. With Orton named No. 1 contender, Teddy decided to make a Triple Threat for the World Title on SmackDown between Swagger, Jericho and Edge.

The match would go pretty well with Swagger winning and retaining the title, but the aftermath of things would be so much more interesting. Jericho would attack and brutally assault and already beat down, Edge to heat things up between the two so much more. With that, the match had to be made! They decided to make the match Jericho vs. Edge inside the Steel Cage.

This week Jericho and Edge would be inside the cage together, but not for a match, only a promo at this point. Edge and Jericho both did some great mic work in the promo and it would end with Jericho escaping the cage, avoiding the spear, but leaving his NXT Rookie, Wade Barret in there alone with Edge. Barret would suffer the strike of Edge’s spear.

Personally, I’m really happy that they decided to make this match a Steel Cage Match. The Steel Cage is my favourite type of match and it’ll be holding two of my favourite superstars, things are looking really good. What’s even better is what the actual match will be like. With no Undertaker and HBK this time, this match will likely be the very best on the card. Especially with how the in ring chemistry between the two has been evolving.

When it comes to the match I’m thinking the Walls of Jericho stand strong again. I like Jericho’s chances of getting the upper hand once more. I know Edge has yet to get the win and I think it’ll stay that way. Jericho found a way to shock us at Wrestlemania, he can do the same here.

The Steel Cage lowers as it surrounds the ring

I think the Steel Cage will be an advantage to Chris Jericho. Edge talked about spearing Jericho through the cage, but I really doubt that is going to happen. If anything he’ll go for the spear and find his head banged against the steel cage as Chris Jericho evades it.

Predicted Match Result: Chris Jericho def. Edge via escape from the cage

This is how I see it playing out. Edge goes for the spear on Chris Jericho and goes head first into the cage as Jericho jumps to the side. With Edge down and out on the side, Chris climbs out of the cage and lands on his feet outside the ring for the win.

Predicted Match Rating: 4 and 1/2 stars

Street Fight: The Game, Triple H vs. The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus


“One mistake and Pedigree!”

One of the main stories of Wrestlemania 26 was no passing of the torch from Triple H to Sheamus. Many, including myself expected Sheamus to get the win at Wrestlemania 26. I personally thought it was going to be a match where Triple H passes the torch to Sheamus, but I guess Trips and his big nose are not nearing the road yet. The match itself turned out to be quite terrible, to be honest. A sleeper at best.

Hopefully this clash will be much better. Still it’s not too hard to predict who’s getting the win. Before I get ahead of myself though let’s look back at what has happened between the two since Wrestlemania.

The night after Shawn Michaels ”retired” Triple H came out to give Shawn a tribute, which would be interrupted by Sheamus. Sheamus attacked Triple H from behind with a steel pipe. Looks like Sheamus’ signature weapon is going to be the steel pipe, much like Triple H’s was the sledgehammer.

Next week Triple H came back with vengeance on his mind. He and Sheamus dueled with the fight being sledgehammer vs steel pipe. The much bigger and stronger sledgehammer got the nod in this one, to no surprise. Triple H almost took off Sheamus’ head with that sledgehammer.

Sheamus would cut a promo the next week about how Triple H is afraid of him. I’m just throwing this out there, I don’t think he is.

This week while the Raw superstars were stuck overseas, Triple H managed to make his way down to Monday Night Raw. He took part in a 3 man tag match and a shaving of some of CM Punk’s hair.

It’s not the best build for the match and I personally think the victor is easy to predict. Sheamus gets the nod in this one. Since he didn’t get the win at Wrestlemania like most of us thought he would, he’ll get it this night and here’s the give away.

Triple H is rumored to be nursing a neck injury. If he has an injury he needs some time off to rehab it. My thoughts are these, Sheamus beats down Triple H so hard to win the match that after the match the medics come out and carry Triple H out on a stretcher. It makes Sheamus look powerful and dangerous while giving Triple H a way out.

In the streets, anything goes.

It’s a street fight in this one which means both men are allowed to use whichever weapons they choose. This will likely be another way to promote the battle of sledgehammer vs. steel pipe. It’s also another way to promote the resemblance between the two which works better into the angle of Sheamus being the next Triple H.

Predicted Match Result: Sheamus def. Triple H

Look for Sheamus to “knockout” Triple H in this one with the steel pipe sending Triple H away for some months. It’s the most likely result in my mind and the most logical one if you ask me.

Predicted Match Rating: 2 and 1/2 stars

Mr 619, Rey Mysterio vs. The StraightEdge Saviour, CM Punk

“619! 1, 2, 3, Mysterio wins it!”

This was the story of Wrestlemania 26, Rey Mysterio got the victory over CM Punk as most of us had predicted. There was no way in my mind that Rey was going to join the StraightEdge Society. Rey got the win in a short, but entertaining match. The match quality of that one was great! If it wasn’t so short that match could’ve been a show stealer.

For this clash at Extreme Rules it looks like the stipulation of Punk shaving his head will finally be used. Sadly they are not inserting the mask into this one. With all the references CM Punk made to Rey Mysterio about him being a super hero, you would think he would also want to throw in the fact that if he won Rey would take that mask off and show the the real Rey Mysterio. Maybe they’re saving that for next time.

This feud has been one of the better ones recently. It all started at Elimination Chamber when Rey Mysterio eliminated Punk and ended his World Title dreams. It has made it all the way to this Sunday where CM Punk risk his hair in a match with Rey Mysterio. A match where he will be looking to redeem himself after the loss at Wrestlemania.

The highlight of the entire feud in my opinion, though was this Monday. Triple H was about to be shaved by CM Punk and taken under his wing into the StraightEdge Society. Rey Mysterio came in for the save and they turned the tables around on CM Punk. Punk was the one sitting in the chair, held by Triple H, with Rey Mysterio shaving him. Luckily Gallows came in for the save before Punk would lose too much hair.

Rey Mysterio did get a chunk of hair though and a taste of what he might get at the PPV. More importantly, the look on CM Punk was priceless after he got even a small part of hair shaved by Rey Mysterio. Hell, we’ve got it on video! Click here for the redirect to the video. If that’s the reaction now, can you imagine what it would be like at Extreme Rules.

My hair is a symbol of everything pure

Obviously to CM Punk his hair is everything. I’m sure he’ll do whatever it takes to keep the hair on his head and his society members will likely do the same. They need their leader to look like a leader and not a helpless man. He did save them after all, they owe everything to them.

Predicted Match Result: CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio and keeps his hair

I don’t think CM Punk is going to be shaving any time soon. It would be bad for his image. The best thing to do is to have CM Punk win so he can look strong, because that’s not something he’s had over Rey Mysterio in this feud. Let’s be honest, for CM Punk to look so cowardly against a man of Mysterio’s size is just stupid if you ask me.

Predicted Match Result: 4 and 1/2 stars

 Women’s Championship: The Champion, Michelle McCool (c) vs. The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix (Extreme Makeover Match)


Finally, finally, finally is what Beth Phoenix fans are saying. The Glamazon FINALLY gets her chance at Michelle McCool and her Women’s Championship. After countless times of Beth telling Michelle that she’s coming after her title, it’s finally going to happen for her.

She gets a chance to once again prove she is the dominant diva in the WWE. She’ll take on Michelle McCool who has really been the alpha dog in the Women’s division for a long while. To say that Beth is deserving of winning the title would be an understatement, but will it actually happen?

My answer is no. There is no real reason to throw the belt around the strap of the Glamazon, Beth Phoenix. I know she’s waited around a long while for it, but I just don’t see her getting it. This match was thrown in to be a filler. It’s value on the card is about the same as the value of JTG vs. Shad, which in case you don’t know, isn’t much.

While we’re discussing the match, what the hell is an Extreme Makeover Match? Is it a match where these girls try to cover each other’s bodies in lipstick and bad jewellery or something? Because that’s what it sounds like. Or are they going to put the jewellery on top of them and smash it on their bodies with a steel chair?

The most dominant diva in all of the WWE

There is no question about it that Beth Phoenix is one of the best women’s wrestlers in the WWE today. I mean what other woman besides Chyna, gets to say that she was a part of the Royal Rumble? What other women can flex her huge ass muscles like Beth can? Unappealing, yes, but it does show off Beth’s power.

Predicted Match Result: Michelle McCool def. Beth Phoenix and retains Women’s Championship

Like I said, no real reason for a title change. Short contest, most likely ended by Michelle McCool hitting her finisher after interruption from Layla and Vickie.

Predicted Match Rating: 2 stars

Strap Match: JTG vs. Shad Gaspard

Former tag partners face off in a clash to see who was the better part of the failed tag team, Cryme Tyme. The tag team was going nowhere and it’s about time they split it up. Still, why make a match out of it? It’s not like anyone cares, to be honest.

This tag team was never meant for tag team success and they aren’t meant for singles success either.

JTG is not that bad of a wrestler, but let’s be honest again. He’ll probably end up as a jobber in the WWE.

Shad, much worse of a wrestler than JTG, but look at his size. He’s a big man, which will probably result in much more success for him. Maybe a tag title with a different partner at most.

Neither of these guys are going to go anywhere, but in this match it’ll probably be the bigger, not better man who wins.

I was tired of carrying him!

That is what Shad’s new character has to say about JTG. Well to be honest if you look at the tag team matches JTG was the man being beat up most of the time. Shad comes in for the save and they sometimes get the win. That’s the story of most of their matches.

Predicted Match Result: Shad defeat JTG

My guess is Shad wins it and beats down JTG some more after the match.

Predicted Match Rating: 1 star

Final Thoughts

Some good matches this year, some not interesting one bit. A question I have that I want answered is where is Drew McIntyre vs. Matt Hardy at? The two have had a good feud which started at Wrestlemania. Both of them are good inside the ring so the match wouldn’t be half bad either. So why did they keep it off the card?

Well, that’s it for me. Stick around for live coverage of Extreme Rules right here on The Sports Dossier!

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