WEC 48: Jose Aldo Is What Anderson Silva Should Have Been

Sam NassarCorrespondent IApril 25, 2010

Many equate greatness by comparing the great accolade to someone else who has done it in the past.  Whenever fans of Mixed Martial Arts have spoken of talent, greatness and overall fight ability, Anderson Silva’s name was soon to follow.  

As we have seen, talent alone is often not enough, since Silva has shown us several lackluster performances in recent fight cards. 

With no urgency to put on a show for fans, to appear humble, or even finish the fight, Anderson has had us searching for a new face to follow.

Jose Aldo seemed to appear out of thin air to answer our MMA prayers.  This talented Brazilian came into the WEC with no hype and no ego...simply a purpose to become the greatest Featherweight of all time.

With five key wins in his division, Aldo was in line for a title shot with Mike Brown.  Brown, with no visible weaknesses, was utterly decimated by the lanky Brazilian.  Aldo was now the king of the mountain but was not content to just wear a belt. 

Aldo made a bold move challenging Urijah Faber who was the sport’s most popular and dynamic Featherweight champion to date. 

Aldo added the fact that he wanted to fight Faber in his hometown of Sacramento to beat the former champ where he would have home court advantage. 

Many other newly crowned champions have been very tactical with how they conduct their first title defense.

A new champion does not want to be embarrassed or overshadowed by his opponent it is also paramount to keep the belt. 

Aldo had no such reservations with his title defense, it was clear that he was going for broke. When you want to create a legacy and become the best fighter in your division, you often want the stiffest challenge. 

Aldo has been likened to Anderson Silva in many ways and for obvious reason.  Both possess natural talent, speed, incredible striking ability and both hail from the MMA hotbed of Brazil. 

However, the differences are paramount between Aldo and Silva.  Aldo seems to take the more humble approach to fighting seeking only honor and an inner challenge for himself. 

Silva seems to want us to know that he is higher on the evolutionary scale than any other fighter, and it has worn thin with fans as of late.

On April 24, Aldo proved to fans that he was up for the challenge.  Aldo defeated the best his weight class had to offer and showed tactical adjustments, a calculated but aggressive style and, unlike Anderson Silva, humility, appreciation of his opponent, and respect for his fans. 

Aldo is an MMA fan's dream with his demeanor, speed, aggressiveness, skill and his overall outlook on his career.

It is refreshing to see a fighter who actually wants to challenge himself and put on a show.  Anderson Silva may have a championship belt but he is not a champion in his heart or within the hearts of his fans right now.

We look forward to seeing the fruits of Aldo’s labors in the near future.  Aldo literally chopped down his opponent and many believe that he should chop Anderson Silva off of his No. 1 pound-for-pound seat.