Paula Creamer will Wrestle Maria Sharapova on ESPN

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Paula Creamer will Wrestle Maria Sharapova on ESPN
ESPN - is there a purpose to it being broadcast weekdays? Yes, like most of you, I like Sports Center and it's convenient it comes on all morning, so you can tune in when ever you crawl out bed and see the latest sports news. After that - what purpose does ESPN serve Monday through Friday? I know a few times at night they show baseball or football or whatever season it is but during the day they show nothing of value. Their pundits are idiots, except for maybe, Jim Rome and he is so arrogant I can't stand watching him. So let's be nice and agree - ESPN has some value. Evening baseball, Sports Center...etc. What about ESPN2, ESPN Classic, ESPN DePortes and all the other ESPNs? The movie Dodgeball had ESPN Ocho and we are there! They do not fill all those channels with real sports. I like bowling but even I don't consider "Classic Bowling" something worth watching. While I am thinking of it; who is the idiot who thought it would be useful to include - in the channel guide - who won the "classic" games? There is an occasional old game I might watch but when I know the score and the winner beforehand it's back to Seinfeld repeats! I don't want to be a guy who only complains so I want to offer a solution. Monday through Friday let's only have ESPN the original. Let's save the other seven for weekends, when actual sports are played. Almost any given Saturday or Sunday you can easily find enough legitimate sports to fill eight networks. So now we have seven channels with sold ads, we need to fill because there are bills to pay. I propose; ESPN2..the all hot female tennis player channel featuring Maria Sharapova and Ana InvanovicESPN Classic...the all hot female golfers channel featuring Paula Creamer, Natalie Gulbis and Anna RawsonESPN News....the Women's Olympic softball channel featuring Jennie Finch and Caitlin LoweESPN De Portes....the hot female broadcasters channel featuring Erin Andrews and Rachel NicholsESPN HD...the all hot female driver channel featuring Danica Patrick, Erin Crocker and Sarah FisherESPN U...the girlfriends of quarterbacks channel with Jessica Simpson and Gisele Bundchen Last but not least ESPN Pay Per View.... This week will be....Mud Wrestling Matches between the featured athletes on all the other six channelsI think my plan works. It gives ESPN great programing during the week and I am guessing higher ratings. At the very least, it is a lot better than reruns of Arlis or first runs of 1st and Ten but then again so are Seinfeld repeats. ClubHusband.comJ Pat
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