Lyoto Vs Thiago Added to UFC 89

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

I was shocked to find this out, because I have not seen it on any of the headlines of any MMA Sites, but the long talked about bout has been added to the website.

This could provide great clarity as to who the next to challenge Forrest would be.

If either man wins in a decisive and impressive manner, look for them to be the rightful No. 1 contender for the title.

I know this may not please many, but they are both 13-0 and that is not something that will go unnoticed.

Look for this to be a big match, which should get lots of hype, because at the end of this match someone is going to have their first addition to that loss column.

Now I don't know who to take in this one, as Lyoto has caused many concern by his tactical evasiveness against Tito, but Thiago is not going to let that happen, so Lyoto is going to have to show what he is made of in this fight.