Brian Vickers Is Coming Up in NASCAR: Does Anyone See Him?

Matthew MerrillContributor IJuly 16, 2008

Two years ago, Red Bull Racing did not even exist in NASCAR, since then, they have quietly been able to make a stand to prove that they will be (if not already are) one of NASCAR's top teams.

Brian Vickers has been working very hard to help them get there. After a year of suffering, Brian Vickers and RBR should be a statement to NASCAR. After ending the year outside of the top 35 in owner's points, he currently sits just 95 points outside of making the chase.

He has only one finish outside of the top 30 and sits quietly ahead of drivers like Ryan Newman, Martin Truex Jr., and the person who replaced him at Hendrick Motorsports, Casey Mears. Over the past six races, he has scored as second best (not to Kyle Busch but Matt Kenseth).

Is there much more to say? How much more does he have to do to get his face in the news? Punching out Kyle Busch might be a good idea. Or how about making the chase and winning it?

Being a Jeremy Mayfield fan, I know that any driver can get into the chase if he is good enough. I won't be surprised if Brian Vickers makes the chase and wins his first race.