Aleksander Emelianenko Return Fixed?

patrick flemingContributor IApril 24, 2010

Last night the younger of the two Emelianeko brothers returned—Aleksander.

He was fighting in a relatively unheard of promotion known as ProFC against a relatively unheard of opponent, who goes by the name of Eddy Bengsetton, whose fight record reads at 3-2 after last night.

After watching the fight and the replays that followed, three thoughts came to my mind.

Firstly, either Eddy has by far the weakest chin in all of MMA.

Secondly, Eddy is retarded.

Or maybe that fight was actually fixed.

Eddy was knocked out at about the 40 second mark in the first round by a punch which when watched in the replays doesn't even seem to hit!

After the punch Eddy seemed to run away then drop like a sack of bricks.

Aleksander even seemed quite shocked at the "knockout."

Now, maybe Eddy was knocked out and I'm wrong, but have a look for yourselves.