The Glory of The All-Star Game

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The Glory of The All-Star Game

I am a man who does not believe in the All-Star Game, because it's just propaganda for, what would be the worst commissioner in sports if it weren't for Gary Bettman, Bud Selig.

But more on topic, this year's all-star made a grown man laugh, cry, cheer, and still hate Bud Selig, all for no reason.

Jonathan Papelbon came to the mound in the eighth inning drowned in, an obvious New York bias, chant of "Overrated". Then an inning later Mariano Rivera makes his way to the mound, to the sounds of one of the greatest ovations ever.

Then there is Dan Uggla who must be feeling horrible today after failing apart on the big stage of New York City in the House That Ruth Built. I feel bad for the kid, and so did the people at the game. If you catch the replays of his errors, don't only watch them, listen to the crowd as well.

Uggla came in as a replacement to Chase Utley in the sixth, and had nothing hit his way until in the tenth when Michael Young hit him a routine grounder which got past him; the crowd went wild in a jubilant cheer. Everyone was happy to see the "away" NL team mess up. Then in the thirteenth, J.D. Drew hit a grounder off Uggla's glove, and the only way to describe the reaction of the crowd is a cross between pity and admiration.

When it was all over, and Justin Morneau was called safe at home in the fifteenth. Everyone was happy it was over and to have seen all the highs and lows that a game of baseball can provide.

Now, I can't lie and say that I watched the game, because personally I don't have the attention span to watch baseball. Mostly because there is more standing around and commercials, than actual action.

But, I will tell you I can't remember last baseball game I have ever seen a replay of on SportsCenter and actually say, you know what, I want to see that again. Especially in baseball.

Let's not fool ourselves here, baseball is boring to watch.

But this brand of baseball I just watched...the replay something that actually wets my appetite for watching baseball.

The sad and somewhat happy reality of all this is that these types of games can only happen in an All-Star Game or maybe some sort of video game.

No real MLB team has lineups, pitching, coaching, benches, and bullpen depth like an All-Star does. In fact no team ever has been to being as good as the All-Star teams we all saw play last night.

To wrap it all up in a nice bow and tie, I would have to say is that we, as Americans, should not take advantage of All-Star games in any sport, because it is a rare time, that we can see the purest type of baseball, or whatever sport all-stars game there is. The Best vs. The Best. It doesn't get better than that.

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