Sam Bradford Will Wear Jersey No. 8 for the St. Louis Rams

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Sam Bradford Will Wear Jersey No. 8 for the St. Louis Rams

The Rams formally introduced Sam Bradford to the St. Louis media yesterday.  Bradford hoisted a freshly minted Rams jersey bearing his name and the No. 8...WTF?

Eight? Eight? What happened to 14?  Well, Kennan Burton wears that number right now. So what?  Let's rip it off his back and put it on Bradford.  Burton might not even make the team this year.  

This should not be the reason Bradford changes numbers.  

He should keep his college number.  It is bad luck for a QB to change his number between college and the pros.  

All the best QBs kept their college numbers...all except Montana (Ed. note: Peyton Manning? Wr. note: Valid point!).  He was a fluke case.  

Plunkett, Elway, Marino, Kelly, Young, Aikman, Warner, etc.  They all kept their college numbers.

Changing a young QB's jersey number is immoral, unethical, and completely beyond the pale of any acceptable human moral conduct.

Let's fix this before it is too late.

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