Jack Swagger Picks the Wrong Night to Throw Out an Open Challenge

lee raydeanCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

Monday Night Raw, the Heavyweight Champion, the All-American American, Jack Swagger, decided to throw out an open challenge to anyone in the locker room.

Maybe Jack thought that since most of the RAW superstars were stuck in Europe due to the volcano that blew up there and no one could fly out, that there wouldn't be anyone good enough to beat him, but he got fooled.

At first there was no music, no superstar and Jack seemed to be getting annoyed but then the music started for one of if not the best athlete in WWE today, It was the Phenom, the dead man, the Undertaker.

Swagger could not believe his eyes or his luck. This was not to be Jacky boy's night. I never would have expected the Taker to be on RAW, especially on that particular night.

The Taker wasted no time in going after the All-American American. As the match progressed, Swagger was building up momentum. He was keeping up with the dead man.

Little by little, Swagger's confidence grew. He had to know that Taker wasn't going to let anyone out wrestle him.

Taker showed him some old school and both superstars had many near pin falls. It was a great match, but Taker gave Swagger the Tombstone and it was over. Taker won.

Swagger still needs more ring experience before he even thinks about being as good or better than Taker.

I hope he is ready for the viper, Randy Orton at Extreme Rules on April 25. Orton is a very dangerous individual. Sadistic, psychotic and just plainly not all there. Good Luck, Swagger.

And welcome home, superstars!