Oakland Raiders Day 2 Mock Draft

Austin SwaimContributor IApril 23, 2010

Pick 39: Bruce Campbell (OT Maryland)

You could make a case for Bruce Campbell to be the best OT left, and Campbell is extermely athletic. This morning, I was watching SportsCenter, and Campbell absolutely CRUSHED a Sports Science Dummy, and then stopped a 300 lbs. punching bag dead in its tracks. Thats equivelent to Shawne Merriman at full speed. He just needs to give whoever (I think Dan LeFevour in Round 4) that kind of time to give him time to throw. Oakland and the Nation gets a big break because everyone is OK with Campbell at 39 vs. Campbell at #8.


Pick 69: Terrence Cody (DT Alabama)

Mount Cody is one big boy that Tom Cable has really showed love for. Most of Raider Nation says he is not athletic enough, but Tom Cable is calling the shots for the draft room now, which is why McClain was selected yesterday. Cable wants a run plugger because a good defense, which Cody would complete, would help the offense by giving the other team less time to score, and getting Philip Rivers off the field fast. Cody goes here because of his weight concerns, along with multiple DTs still available. Why he could play in a 34 defense and a 43 defense is because Seymour could slide in on 3rd down in a 43 D. Good value here in Round 3, where Casserly of NFL.com and Walter Cherpinsky of WalterFootball.com have Cody falling.