DREAM 14, Sakurai Is Just Another Bump In Nick Diaz's Road !

jason hughesCorrespondent IApril 23, 2010

DREAM 14 is rapidly approaching and yet there has been very little mention of the event, or the upcoming match-up in Japan's Saitama Super-arena against the, as of lately, unbeatable " Stockton  Bad Boy" Nick Diaz, and the former one time world class ...uh cough, respectable fighter Sakurai.

This is a very dangerous match up for the eldest Diaz, for as much as they actually seem to like the Diaz brothers in Japan, unfortunately they like their legends a little better.

Sakurai has the ability to punch hard, and consecutively, leaving the ever present KO potential of the "Stockton bad boy" in its usual spot, danger,..but isn't that always the case in a Diaz fight?

Actually, I see Diaz once again putting his knuckles at the very longest point of attack, and leaving the once powerful wrestler Sakurai—who is now just a shell of the former Sakurai who once gave a prime Matt Hughes all he could handle at UFC 36—in his wake.

Diaz, who is (21-1) in his last twelve fights with a win over Takanori Gomi reversed for having the  fighting enhancing drug THC in his system, looks in my opinion to make "Sak," who is 8-4 over his last 12 fights, win number 22.

Sakurai has a horrific knockout of Shinya Aoki from the side position, but Sak has lost his last two fights, including one to Marius Zaromskis, who just happened to be Diaz's last slaying.

Here is where it could get dangerous for any fighter, except Diaz, Nick is not hated in Japan so there will be no homer treatment for Sakurai, NICK HAS ALSO FOUGHT IN THE PRIDE/DREAM PROMOTIONS before and has no known weaknesses inside of a ring, to be blunt Diaz is one of the few fighters who easily transitions well from cage to ring, so in my opinion this fight will not last eight minutes.

Look for Diaz to weather a wrestling onslaught, gas Sakurai quickly, and then go to town with his "out of range punching, " while leaving "Sak" SWINGING FOR THE FENCES.

Nothing spectacular to look for in this fight, just another Diaz win over a fading fighter, on a side note look for the exciting Nick to make all three recent Nashville fights look absolutely boring in comparison to his, for there is never a dull moment in a Nick Diaz fight!

And believe it or not, I'm also predicting Diaz will be a true gentleman and a showman at the same time for the Japanese, they love a little sideshow action with the fighting, something Diaz relishes.

So even though this seems to be a step down, Nick Diaz will entertain while taking Sakurai to the woodshed.

Nick in DREAM, is just a wonderful fighting "tune up" for the ever evolving elder Diaz!