NHL - Mats Sundin to Come to a Decision in the Next 72 hours?

Dominic PampalonAnalyst IJuly 16, 2008

Rumors are that Mats Sundin could be on the verge of coming out of the basement and reveal his next destination.

It looks like it would be a two team dilemma for the swede—most likely between remaining a Leaf or pack his bags to Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport.

Not that the Canucks and the Rangers are out of the picture, but this rumor leans more towards the Leafs or the Habs.

This rumor makes total sense.

1- Mats love to play (and live) in Canada—that would rule out the blue shirts.

2- He is getting old and, although the Canucks is a Canadian team, we all know the amount of traveling involved in the west.  If he wants to play for more than one year, he would probably run out of gas as the season comes close to the end.

He could remain a Leaf, but I doubt he'd have a chance to win the well-deserved cup to wrap up his career. The Leafs are in full blown reconstruction, and I think Sundin's mentoring years are over.

His best shot at winning the cup is to sign with Montreal. The team's reconstruction is pretty much over. Last year, Gainey's team were sitting on top of the eastern conference, had the best offense, and the most devastating power play in the league.

Can you just imagine adding Sundin to the current roster?

We'll see what he says!