Disappointment at All-Star Game in New York

Jansyn CraigCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

The All-Star game in New York was for sure one of the best.  It took place at Yankee stadium in it's final year.  It went into the 15th inning and finished with the AL on top.

But one thing that could have made it better or less disappointing would've been to leave Derek Jeter in the game.  The goal is to let everyone play, but you have to leave Jeter in for the rest of the game in the last All-Star game at Yankee stadium.

He's the face of the Yankees in New York and he did not even receive the chance to win them the game.  I would've enjoyed the game more if Jeter scored or drove someone in.

But in general this was another historic moment at "the house that Ruth built."  In my generation it was no longer the house that Ruth built, but "the house that Jeter kept."

The best way to say goodbye to good old Yankee stadium would be to celebrate a World Series victory.