Three Reasons Why an American League Team Will Win the World Series

D.A.Senior Writer IJuly 16, 2008


3. Interleague Play Record

The interleague play record proves that the AL teams just smash the NL teams. The AL pounded the NL with a 149-102 record. The AL teams had better statistics, included a .275 batting average (compared to the NL's .251), 276 homeruns (compared to the NL's 252), 1,244 runs scored (compared to the NL's 984), and a 3.69 ERA (compared to the NL's 4.58).

2. Better Teams

The AL just has better teams. They occupy 60% of the top 10 teams in the MLB. With the combination of the NL Worst and the sketchy NL East, the AL is just the better league with better teams.

1. The All-Star Game

I am not saying the result of the All-Star game is indicative of what will happen. I'm saying the PRIZE of the All-Star game is indicative of what will happen in October. The AL now has home field advantage and with almost every team in the MLB struggling on the road, this all-star game did count.