NFL Fan Gets His Wish

Mike DiMauroSenior Writer IJuly 16, 2008

There was an NFL fan that got a letter from the league office on July 5th. He finally opened that letter on July 12th. You are probably wondering what it was that the NFL sent to him.

Someone from the league office sent a letter to Mike DiMauro saying thanks for the comments to making the NFL better. DiMauro also got a picture of Goodell with his autograph.

"I was very thankful that the NFL sent me the picture. I wished that the autograph came on April 26th with a picture of both of us in New York City. I can't win all of the battles of the war," DiMauro said.

DiMauro brought up April 26th because that was the date that he went on a bus trip with his camping club and he did not have that much fun on the trip.

DiMauro continued saying, "I was so upset on April 26th that I wanted to write him a letter when I got home that night, telling him how I felt and patience paid off when I got the letter in the mail. I was so nervous that a friend of mine actually opened the letter for me."

This is a happy ending that DiMauro will never forget.