CofC's No-Huddle Browns' Draft Predictions

Kirk LammersContributor IApril 22, 2010

I am the first to admit that I'm not as knowledgeable about the NFL Draft (or the Browns... that's why I have J.V.), but part of that is I don't get as geared for the draft as other Browns' fans. I guess it's because I'm a games guy, and one who enjoys drafts (like the NBA) where you can put a more definite read on a guy, focusing on 1-2 players instead of 9-10 potential players. With that being said, it's still a fun day (or three days, now) that I do truly enjoy. Even though the Browns are a definitive third in my Cleveland sports hierarchy, I still want them so desperately to succeed, and I also understand the thought process of the typical Browns' fan, because I feel I fit into that category.

So, without further procrastinating, here's my thoughts on where the Browns are going to go in the draft over the next three days..

1st round - 7th pick - Eric Berry, safety, Tennessee