Packers Are In Talks With Mafia About The "Brett Fave Problem"

Tom JacksonCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

Ted Thompson is going to drastic measures to "silence" Brett Favre. The Packers' GM was seen conversing with a dark organization about his former quarterback, and I don't mean the NFL's Player's Association. Could this be the real end of Favre?

The All-Pro quarterback has the best of the situation involving his subsequent return to the NFL. He can stay with the Packers if he wants to. If he is offered a trade, he is in a rare situation where he can veto each trade until he gets one he likes. Unbeknownst to him, Thompson is going to make him an offer he can't refuse.

In some countries, an "honor killing" is a murder of a family member who has dishonored his or her family. Perhaps something like that is circuiting through Thompson's crafty mind. Brett left the game in March, dealing a huge blow to the NFL and the Packers' organization.

However, the team has "moved on", instilling their trust in young Aaron Rodgers. Thompson thought he finally could use the first player he drafted since joining the Packers, something he has been eager to do since that day.

All of a sudden, Brett wants to play again. Thompson's neck hairs stood when he heard this. He couldn't let Brett Favre "dishonor" the Packers by putting them through that whole tear-jerking ordeal in March, only to come back on his terms when everybody finally found peace.

Thompson and the Packers will probably be in debt to this Italian Family Crime Syndicate. And we all know what that means—Green Bay supported New Jersey's acquisition of an NFL franchise.

I give my regards to Favre, but his risky playing style has gotten him in too deep this time.

Please note this is a satire.