2010 NFL Draft: Dispelling The Cleveland Browns Rumors

Daymon JohnsonCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

Well, well, well….

The day that Cleveland Browns fans have been looking forward to with the anticipation that a 5 year old looks to Christmas morning with is now here.

We’re mere hours away from finding out what “The Brass” is going to do and how they’ll set the tone for this, the 2010 NFl Draft, which carries more importance than possibly any draft in recent memory.

This is the draft that the Cleveland Browns MUST get right.  There’s no room for failure in this draft, especially considering the flexibility and multitude of draft selections that Cleveland has.

Rumors are abound right now about what Cleveland will do. But let’s be honest here, rumors are just that….rumors.  There’s nothing that’s much more than pointed speculation out there right now.

That speculation, those rumors and the myths are what I plan to address in this article.  These quotes have been lifted from several people’s comments relating to various Browns articales, so, maybe I’ve used yours?

Either way, let’s get right to it with my top 5 myths…


Draft Myth #1:

“If Eric Berry is gone at #7 overall, Cleveland will select Earl Thomas.”

If I’m being a fan, viewing this from a fan’s standpoint, I’d say that this is a possibility.  However, since I’m a realist, I’d say this….

There is NO chance this happens.

While Cleveland needs help in the defensive backfield, I think reaching for the 2nd best Safety in the draft is a stretch, and I think Holmgren and Heckert probably echo that sentiment. 

If Eric Berry is in fact gone, I cannot see them taking Thomas.  There hasn’t been 2 safeties selected in the Top 10 of the NFL draft ever.  Not once, and frankly, I don’t see it happening this season, even with a guy like Thomas available.

Thomas is a very good player, there’s no doubt about that.  However, I don’t think he warrants a #7 selection.  Picking him at #7 is not unlike going car shopping and paying the same price for the car that was second on your list as your dream car.

It just doesn’t make sense.  Thomas is likely going to be available in the early to middle teens and possibly later, as no other team has a strong of a need for a Safety as Cleveland does.

What that means is that Cleveland can trade down, and still have a look at Earl Thomas if Eric Berry is in fact gone.

The next team with a pronounced need at S after Cleveland at #7 is San Francisco at #13 overall.  And, if Joe Haden is still on the board, which is possible, they’ll select Haden over Thomas and he’ll fall even further because the Niners need CB help in a bad way.

Bottom line is this I really cannot see anyone ahead of Cleveland taking Eric Berry, as the need for Offensive lineman is much higher this season that it’s been for a while. 

I believe that Eric Berry will be there for Cleveland to select when they go on the clock. And if he’s not, the move becomes to trade down and accumulate picks.


Draft Myth #2:

“Cleveland won’t look at the offense in round one and without a doubt won’t select C.J. Spiller”

The logical mind would say that considering the defensive needs of the Browns right now, it would be a stretch to go offense early.

But, is it?  Think about it for a second. 

Jerome Harrison did not sign his RFA tender, and apparently, according to reports at NFL.com among others, he’s playing hardball with the money he wants.  That said, it’s not completely unfeasible that Cleveland could trade Harrison if they’re at an impasse and then look to add a quality starting RB

If that were to happen, C.J. Spiller, who is probably one of the Top 4-5 overall players in this draft, could be a potential candidate by 7:30pm EST today, or the start of the draft.  Spiller is electric.  He’s being compared to Chris Johnson with his running style and speed and easily warrants a selection at #7 overall, simply because of his value.

So the question is this; could it happen?  Possibly.

Honestly, a selection of Spiller at #7 overall would not be disappointing to me at all, provided that Harrison was traded either before or shortly afterward.  In the end, I think cooler heads will prevail in the Harrison contract negotiations and they’ll come to an agreement, thus terminating the need for Spiller.

However, it would not be completely out of the realm of possibility to see Spiller as a Cleveland Brown by the time Cleveland will be off the clock approximately 70 minutes after the draft starts.


Draft Myth #3:

“Jimmy Clausen is not an option for Cleveland at the QB spot”

That statement, in and of itself, is preposterous.  Jimmy Clausen, who I am admittedly not a fan of, is easily the 2nd best QB in this draft, and depending on who you ask, is the best QB in this draft.

Many scouts have said that Jimmy Clausen is comparable in talent to someone most have heard of. His name?  Aaron Rodgers.

One well respected scout, who remained anonymous in an interview on the NFL Network channel on XM this morning said this:

“Jimmy Clausen is the best QB in this draft, hands down.  And probably, is the best in the last 10 years.  His work in a pro style offense and around professional coaching talent is critically important and that’s why many of us see him as the more valuable QB selection…..He has good mobility.  He throws very well, has more zip on his passes than Bradford or anyone else in this draft and he can make every single throw he’ll be asked to perform…..has the intelligence to adapt quickly to the NFL game and should be a Pro Bowl level, something like Aaron Rodgers, within 2-4 years…He’s basically Rodgers but smarter, stronger, more athletic and with a better arm”

That’s pretty amazing.  Say what you will, but, that’s high praise and if Cleveland has a chance to add that guy to their roster, should they not at least consider it?

I say yes, they would need to consider it.  Personally, as I stated, I’m not a Clausen fan and I prefer McCoy, but with the recent information that 4 QB’s could be selected in the first round, Cleveland may not be afforded the opportunity to wait for McCoy.

If that happens, Cleveland will need to evaluate and quickly decide if moving down is an option and if selecting Clausen at some point is the right move.


Draft Myth #4

“Cleveland won’t trade up to #1 overall”

This seems like a no brainer to most of us, however, if “The Brass” has shown us one thing, it’s that they’re not afraid to take chances.

So, is it really a given that Cleveland wouldn’t move up?  I’m not so sure.

The Browns have been very public stating their feelings about Bradford and about what they think he can be, so really, it remains a possibility.

I think that there’s a chance this deal could happen, but, it would be a multi team deal that would create the opportunity to move up that high for Cleveland.  It would likely take 3, possibly 4 teams and a combination of picks and players to make something like that happen.

For my money, I say that the chances are slim, but, there is a chance.


Draft Myth #5:

“The Browns won’t select a WR before late in the 3rd round”

Let’s call it what it is, ugly! 

The Browns current roster at the WR spot is…well…lacking.  Cleveland desperately needs help at the WR spot and there are going to be several candidates for them in the 2nd and 3rd .

Honestly, I think Cleveland WILL address the WR spot earlier than later.

Guys like Brandon LaFell, Taylor Price, Damian Williams, Carlton Mitchell, Andre Roberts and Eric Decker are all names that could wind up wearing Orange and Brown in 2011.

There are some solid WR candidates that would likely be available later in the draft, however, the talent level between them and the earlier round guys is dramatic, so it behooves Cleveland to address that position early.

The reality is, Cleveland missed badly when they didn’t make a play for Anquan Boldin, who was basically given away, and allowed him to go to a division rival. 

Then, they had the chance to add a stellar, Top-3 NFL WR in Brandon Marshall, who was also let go for a bargain basement price considering his talent level.

The fact that they didn’t address that position in Free Agency is a source of concern for many Browns fans, as it should be.  Without playmakers and capable WR’s at the QB’s disposal, it doesn’t matter who’s throwing the rock, there’s going to be shortcomings.

Bottom line, WR is a position of MAJOR need for the Browns in this draft!



The Draft is upon us and is starting in just a couple of hours.  Look for the fireworks early, and look for a lot of trades once the Chiefs hit the board. 

I’m excited and extremely nervous about what will transpire in the next couple of hours!  Do they trade down?  Do they make a major move?  Do they stay at 7 and do they select Offense?  Defense?

All these questions will be answered soon enough, and with the dawning of a new era in Cleveland very apparent, I’m betting that this will be a productive and well calculated draft.

Needs will be addressed, risks will be taken and in a couple of years, we’ll really be able to effectively evaluate how “The Brass” did in their first draft.

And, call me crazy, but I’m putting a of couple scenarios out there that I think could happen:

Scenario #1:

To K.C.:  Oakland’s 2010 #9 overall selection and Oakland 2010 4th rounder

To Oakland:  Kansas City’s 2010 #5 Overall, QB Ben Roethlisberger

To Pittsburgh:  CB Nnamdi Asomugha and 2010 Kansas City #5 Overall


Scneario #2:

Tim Tebow is selected in Round one, in the top 20 picks and ends up in J-Ville.


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