2008 Or 2015? Is This The Year For The Cubs?

Ryan GuellowContributor IJuly 16, 2008

    Every day that goes by, it becomes more and more apparent that the Chicago Cubs are going to make the playoffs. Being a Cubs fan, I know not to get too ahead of myself. I was all but making reservations for the World Series in 2003 when the eighth inning rolled around. I know not to make that mistake again.

    I have this problem of getting my hopes up. At the beginning of the season, I was talking about how much they spent on players, and how Fukudome is going to be the missing piece..etc. Well, now with the acquisition of Rich Harden it looks like Cubs fans will not have to utter the fabled phrase that every Cubs fan seems to utter, "Wait Til Next Year."

    If the Cubs collapse or are swiftly ousted out of the postseason as last year, then we'll be saying it again. But I'm not saying it. My new phrase will be, "Wait Til 2015." I just hope I make it 'til then.

    2015, if you don't know, is the year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown go to in the movie "Back To The Future II" in order to save Marty's son from getting into trouble. This, if you ask me, is totally unnecessary.

    Why didn't Doc just tell Old Marty to not let his son out of the house? Why did he have to get young Marty and dress him up as his son? Tangent, I know. So after the big Hover-Board chase, (tangent part 2, Did everyone have a friend who had a cousin in Florida that HAD a Hover-Board?), so after the hover board chase Marty runs into a guy who tells him that the Cubs won the World Series and that he wished that he would have put money on the Cubs, thus spawning Marty to buy the "Gray's Sports Almanac" and creating the entire plot of the movie.

    So the question is: Will the Cubs not win until 2015? Was this a bold prediction or an attempt to jab the Cubs fans? Most likely the latter. I know that I will put my net worth on them in 2015 if they haven't won it by then.