Drew Brees Named Cover Athelete For Madden 11

Zach BjornContributor IOctober 25, 2016

Be careful Saints fans. You may have a bad season next year. Why? Well, the Madden Curse, of course. It was released that Drew Brees would be the cover athlete for Madden 11. There was a poll to see who would be the next cover athlete. The other contenders were Jared Allen and Reggie Wayne.

This was really a no-contest. Drew Brees lead his team to the promised land. He's the quarterback, and everyone loves the quarterback.

This is obviously overshadowed by the upcoming NFL draft. Still, this is interesting.

So what does this mean for the Saints. Well, the Madden Curse is pretty bad. Look at the last five year's cover athletes:

Troy Polamalu, out with injury

Brett Farve, shoulder injury

Vince Young, suspension and bad season

Shaun Alexander, broken toe and other injuries

Donovan Mcnabb, ACL torn, never been to another Pro Bowl

I don't know about you, but if I'm a Saints fan, I'm scared.