THC 2010 NBA MVP Rankings

Thom CunninghamCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

NEW ORLEANS - MARCH 24:  LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers drives the ball up the court against the New Orleans Hornets at the New Orleans Arena on March 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The Cavaliers defeated the Hornets 105-92.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.   (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
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This list ranks the most deserving players for the NBA's 2010 MVP award.


1) Lebron James - SF/Cleveland Cavaliers

Stats: 29.7 ppg, 7.3 rpg, 8.6 apg, 125 steals, 77 blocks, 31 Dbl-Dbl

It annoys me when people say that the media makes the MVP award Lebron's to lose every year.

Honestly, Lebron made the MVP award Lebron's to lose. Even if he won it the next four years, would that really be wrong? 

It's not ridiculous that Lebron could win four or five straight MVP awards. It would be ridiculous if Lebron didn't win more than one or two MVP awards, if you ask me.


2) Kevin Durant - SF/Oklahoma City Thunder

Stats: 30.1 ppg, 7.6 rpg, 112 steals, 84 blocks, 25 Dbl-Dbl

Yes, he did lead the NBA in points and points per game.  Yes, he did help lead a sub-par team to the playoffs, and yes he is one of the best leaders in the game. Kevin Durant's best qualities are in his scoring ability.

He needs to add more weapons to his arsenal (other than scoring) in order to be a legitimate MVP award winner in my mind. That's comparing him to other MVP candidates, because those players (such as Kobe, Lebron and Dwight Howard) have a great game on both offense and defense.

Durant will get one eventually, just not this year. He is still developing all parts of his game, which should help him grab an MVP award in the future.


3) Kobe Bryant - SG/Los Angeles Lakers

Stats: 27 ppg, 5 apg, 113 steals

It was yet another productive season for Kobe Bryant. He is always reliable to do everything you want in an MVP. He can score at will, play lockdown defense, carry his team far, win close games, and consistently produces.


4) Dwight Howard - C/Orlando Magic

Stats: 18.3 ppg, 13.2 rpg, 228 blocks, 64 Dbl-Dbl

Howard is another player who can help his team and hurt others on both offense and defense. The amount of double doubles he has speaks for itself, not to mention most of his double doubles were 20 and 20.

He can block shots with the best of them, and can make any team he plays for better. His presence and athletic ability make him a dominant player already, but his production value makes him a legitimate MVP candidate.


5) Dwyane Wade - SG/Miami Heat

Stats: 26.5 ppg, 6.6 apg, 140 steals, 81 blocks, 17 Dbl-Dbl

Apart from his NBA Championship and already known raw talent, ponder this thought for a moment, the Miami Heat are the fifth seed in the East.


Honorable Mention: Others I couldn't argue...

Carmelo Anthony - SF/Denver Nuggets

Stats: 28.2 ppg


Dirk Nowitzki - PF/Dallas Mavericks

Stats: 25 ppg, 7.7 rpg, 79 blocks, 19 Dbl-Dbl


Steve Nash - PG/Phoenix Suns

Stats: 16.5 ppg, 11 apg, 49 Dbl-Dbl  


Brandon Roy - SG/Portland Trailblazers

Stats: 21.5 ppg, 4.7 apg


Chris Bosh - PF/Toronto Raptors

Stats: 24 ppg, 10.8 rpg, 49 Dbl-Dbl