Shocking Fact: Cristiano Ronaldo Addicted to Girls More than Football!

Angela AsanteCorrespondent IApril 22, 2010

Ronaldinho once joked that he had married a ball. But if a ball were a woman, then Kim Kardashian's supposed new boyfriend Cristiano Ronaldo might have faced piles of troubles! His addiction for women, most precisely call girls and party-animals, is getting serious! At least, since the Kim Kardashian gossip is getting maximum exposure from the media through paparazzi and bloggers.

With his money, the 25-year-old millionaire bachelor permits himself to do anything off the pitch, and when I say anything, it's really EVERYTHING! It's not just having fun driving cars, watching interesting football matches, or attending top restaurants. It's also (and perhaps mainly) going down dirty with so-called beauties.

Fact: Cristiano Ronaldo can splash tens of thousands of US Dollars in one night just to entertain himself in wild parties. Oh, and that's just one fact. have even found over 60 facts that explain how addicted Cristiano Ronaldo is to women. The question is: how much space does football take in his daily life as a professional football star?

Does Cristiano Ronaldo eat football, drink football, think football, and talk football everyday? His rival Lionel Messi seems to be getting on very well with that 'Football Diet'. You won't see the Argentine man's name making the headlines for relationship issues. Now for fervent Cristiano Ronaldo fans who are anxious and obsessed about the Portuguese's success on the pitch, the shock value might reach its highest point at the rumor that Ronaldo has known gone down with around 80,000 women in his life so far. Horrifying.

Oh! well, what if he had sacrificed a lot more of his energy to football, the beautiful game? Wouldn't he have cemented his place as (arguably) the undisputed God of football, or at least as a celebrated living legend?

Cristiano Ronaldo's stylish look is one of the main factors why the Real Madrid star has so many female fans across the planet. But his hook up stories have also driven millions to disrespect him and despise his dignity. I once read a thread in a forum stating that Cristiano was football's Christ. Well, what a dirty Christ he is, one might say!


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