Racing Sex Appeal

Michael VoyerSenior Analyst IJuly 16, 2008

We all know what women think "all guys want is sex." Not true—it's what we think about sometimes. We're more concerned nowadays with gas prices, racing ticket prices, and car insurance.

Danica Patrick is a great racer no doubt, and I love to see her do well—not to mention she won her first race this year.  However, this is a professional business—you don't see Jimmie Johnson on the cover of Play Girl, and you don't see Dale Earnhardt Jr. in a wild "'One Night In Paris" video.

Patrick needs to stop worrying about her guy fans and start worrying about her career. I know money is money, but being in FMH is out of control for a racecar driver. She is supposed to be a professional, not some trash you see on the street and think of her as "just a piece of a**."

Seriously speaking, it was nice to see her like this, but it was uncalled for and inapproprate for the racing business.