MLB: Could Morneau be spectacular again?

Alan CampbellCorrespondent IJuly 16, 2008

If fans in New York wanted to witness one of the greatest All-Star games to ever be played, they certainly got their wish.  Last night, it was a grueling 15 innings of miraculous plays, missed opportunities, and a pop fly out to end the 79th All-Star game in New York.

The American League defeated the National League in a close 4-3 decision, in what I am sure was one of the players and fans most enjoyable games to play or watch.

Canadian Justin Morneau was the winning run to give the American League the victory after several hours of play.  What an amazing All-Star break it was for Morneau.  Just a day after winning the Home Run Derby, and scoring the winning run last night in the all-star game, all that Morneau could say was, "It was awesome."

With baseball commissioner Bud Selig announcing that the winner of the All-Star game was to be given home field advantage in the World Series, the players played their heart and souls out. "Guys were getting frustrated out there," Morneau said.

With Canadians like Ryan Dempster and Justin Morneau in the All-Star game on both teams, they showed that Canadians are more than just hockey freaks. Will this entice the MLB to start more scouting from the Canadian leagues? Morneau seems to think so.

One would only hope that after an All-Star game with spectacular hits, pitches, and grabs, that the second half of the year will definitely be a more exciting and spectatcular one to watch, especially in the American League, with home field advantage on the line in the World Series.