The Internet Wrestling Community Takes Over Writing for WWE

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The Internet Wrestling Community Takes Over Writing for WWE

Believe me, I know this will amuse some of you, and piss off those who believe they know it all about wrestling and feel they should be writing the scripts.

There is a reason why some people write and others criticize.

Some of the stuff on WWE television I do not like, but honestly, there was stuff during the Attitude Era, Golden Era, and Next Generation Era I despised, but I take the good with the bad.

I get upset when my favorite sports team does a stupid play or drafts a certain player, but unless my paycheck is signed by the team, then I can only sit back and complain.

But I know, there is a reason I am in my career and those guys are in their career.

This is a sarcastic look at what happens when the Internet Wrestling Community takes over WWE.

I do not claim to be a part of the IWC or claim to be the most talented writer or the most knowing of all the wrestling writers.

I just try and call them the way I see them. I do not try and come across to any reader as an over educated wrestling genius by throwing out industry terms, acting like I am an insider.

As most who have read my columns, articles, and slide shows, I try to stay away from being a writer who uses inside wrestling terms as though I have been on the inside for years.

Please enjoy the next few slides of sarcasm.

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