Analyzing The Packers Options In The 2010 NFL Draft

Jake WinieckiCorrespondent IIIApril 21, 2010

Sitting at pick No. 23, it appears that the Packers aren't going to take an offensive lineman with their first round pick.  That being the case, where does that leave us?  Cornerback and OLB seem to be the target positions for the first two rounds based on what I've heard.  Both positions should provide a viable option for the Packers in the late first round as well as in the second.  The questions still remains though on which one they will go after.

At CB, the top players likely to be available are Kyle Wilson of Boise State, Patrick Robinson of FSU, and Devin McCourty of Rutgers.  Any of these three players would help the Packers secondary, and could see signifigant playing time.  At OLB, the top players who should still be around should be Sergio Kindle of Texas, Jerry Houghes of TCU, and Brandon Graham of Michigan.  Kindle is the most polished at OLB, but Hughes has the best pure pass rush skills.  Graham may go to New England the pick before and some teams see him as more of a DE than an OLB.

In the second round there is still good value at CB with Chris Cook of Virginia, Kareem Jackson of Alabama, and Brandon Ghee of Wake Forrest.  They could be good options if the Packers take an OLB in round one.  If they go CB in the first round, they could still get a good OLB in round two, but not as good of a value as the CB group.  That group includes: Ricky Sapp, Clemson, Thaddeus Gibson, Ohio State.

Overall if the Packers go OLB or CB in round one, they should be well off.  This year should prove to be a deep class.  This draft can definately help the Pack get to Dallas for the Superbowl.