1 Day 1 Player 1 Team. Who Do The Miami Dolphins Pick at No. 12?

Colin McGrawContributor IIApril 22, 2010

The draft is in less than 24 hours!! It all comes down to this. Who do the Miami Dolphins choose to serve them for years to come?


I will list the possibilities. All these players have been analyzed to death, so if you don't know much about a player, just look them up and I am sure you will come up with tons of information.


Here are the Miami Dolphins draft options in the first round TOMORROW! (No particular order)



  1. Dan Williams (DT)
  2. Brandon Graham (DE/LB)
  3. Derrick Morgan (DE)
  4. Sergio Kindle (OLB)
  5. Rolando McClain (ILB)
  6. Dez Bryant?
  7. Earl Thomas (FS)
  8. C.J Spiller (RB)
  9. My Personal Favorite... JASON PIERRE-PAUL (DE/LB)  My article on him... Jason Pierre-Paul Should Be On The Dolphins Radar

Or will the Dolphins go a different route? We will all know tomorrow.