Have your Say... On the Serie A

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Have your Say... On the Serie A

Serie A once had seven teams of top class. The best teams (Juventus, AC Milan, Inter) would always compete for the Champions League while the others (Parma, Lazio, Roma) once were the best in the UEFA Cup, beating French, English, Spanish, and German teams easily.

But the Calpioli scandal made Serie A lose its position as the best league in the world. Juventus was relegated, which lead to Inter winning the title easily, and lost the revenue that was to come from Champions League action.

AC Milan lost points and finished fourth two seasons ago—and fifth last season. Milan bought only a few new players in the last two years, something that made Inter cruise into back-to-back titles.

The English Premier League is currently having arguably its greatest period in the history of the league. With major takeovers by billionaires who are now investing huge money and making the best signings, along with naming the best coaches in the world as managers in their teams, many believe that the Premiership has become the best league of all.

Many factors contributed to the rise of the Premiership to the top of the league rankings. One of the basic reasons for that is Roman Abramovich's Chelsea takeover, along with Jose Mourinho's revolution. And the Premiership glory continues with the new ownership of Manchester City, along with Juande Ramos being named Tottenham manager.

What makes the Premier League such a great league is what once made the Serie A the best: any team can beat the biggest of teams. There are seven teams who compete for the top four, which makes the Premiership.

Adriano Galliani recently said that, with the financial problems that most Serie A teams are facing, the Italian league has become the fourth best league behind the Premiership, La Liga, and even the Bundesliga.   

However, the man who was once the most charismatic figure in the Premiership has moved to Italy; Jose Mourinho is the new manager of Inter Milan.

That has added to the excitement for next season. With AC Milan intending to go back to challenging for Serie A, and possibly sealing a deal for Ronaldinho soon, and with Juventus, Roma, and Fiorentina hoping to challenge after making good signings, Serie A might be back to its best.

Serie A is one of the best leagues in the world:

  • Is the Serie A on its way back to the top?


  • Which is the best league: Premiership, La Liga, Bundesliga, or Serie A?


  • Would a takeover of Roma get the Serie A back to its best years?


  • Will Mourinho's arrival and Ronaldinho's possible move to Milan make the Serie A exciting next year?


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