HDTV- 240hz Versus 120hz For Sports Action?

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HDTV- 240hz Versus 120hz For Sports Action?
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If you are in the market for a new big screen HDTV (or maybe recently bought one), you are probably looking at the refresh rate for watching sports action as well as other features.  The current choices appear to be 120hz or 240hz.  The faster 240hz refresh rate HDTV's seem to run about $800-1,000 more.  Is the faster refresh rate worth the extra money?  I find it hard to tell the difference when looking at these HDTV's in stores.  The product reviews that you read on the internet are super critical and usually written by techies.  Who knows, they may be secretly written by the manufacturers.  I would like some input from real sports fans like myself.  Any observations or opinions.

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