Mittens' Mock Draft 2.0

Jeff WahlCorrespondent IApril 21, 2010

With the 2010 Draft just a day away, its time to revise my mock in light of a few recent moves.  Jason Taylor is a Jet (i puked when I heard about this.  Then my dog ate it), Tony the Scheff is a Lion and ErnieBert Sims is an Eagle.  LET THE REVISING BEGIN!!

Come with me if you want to live…

1. St. Louis: Sam Bradford QB – Even though he hasn't been signed yet, this is still the closest thing to a guarantee. 

2. Detroit: Ndamakong Suh DT – Status quo.

3. Tampa Bay: Gerald McCoy DT – Dido.

4. Washington: Trent Williams OT – Switched it up a bit.  Shannahan is implementing his patented zone blocking scheme and Williams is more athletic at LT than Okung.  I don't buy into his character issues either.  previous pick: Okung

5. Kansas City: Russell Okung OT – Now Pioli gets the guy he really wanted.  Previous pick: Bulaga

6. Seattle: CJ Spiller RB –  I waffled between Bulaga and Berry for a while.  In the end I don't think Bulaga has the athleticism Pete Carroll is looking for and Berry would be nice but the 'Hawks needs are LT and RB.  So, Spiller it is! Previous pick: Williams

7. Cleveland: Eric Berry FS – If Seattle takes Berry then Holmgren tries to trade out of this pick.

8. Oakland: Jason Pierre-Paul DEAl Davis is still bat shit crazy and this is still the pick. Welcome to the nut house Jason, God speed.

9. Buffalo: Jimmy Clausen QB – This pick remains the same.  Buffalo has arguably the worst QB's in the league and Clausen is the most pro-ready guy in this draft.  Bulaga is on the board though....
MITTENS TRADE ALERT: The Bills might be tempted to trade down and the Giants, desperate for Rolando “Die Hard” McClain, might be willing partners. If Clausen is still on the board at 15 he’s the pick. If not… Tebow?

10. Jacksonville: Derek Morgan DE – This is still the pick here.  I was thinking McClain but the Jax pass rush is hideous.

11. Denver: Ronaldo McClain ILB – I had Dez here previously but the more I think about it, I just can't see McDaniels wanting another diva on his team.  McClain is a beast and a high character guy as well.  Previous pick - Dez Bryant

12. Miami: Sean Wetherspoon LB – Now that Jason Taylor is a Jet (SERENITY NOW!!) and Spiller is off the board, Parcells focuses on defense.  Most pundits have Kindle going here but he's a 4-3 DE who doesn't really have the size/speed combo a 3-4 OLB needs.  Wetherspoon looks like Jason Taylor and he's a smart kid with a high motor.  Earl Thomas is a possibility as well.  Previous pick - CJ Spiller
MITTENS TRADE ALERT: Weatherspoon could be had 5-12 picks later and Parcells wants the second round pick back that he lost in the Fire Marshall trade.

13. San Francisco: Joe Haden CB – With Bulaga still on the board I gave the kid some thought as a RT (where he's better suited anyways).  But Haden is far too good to fall any further.

14. Seattle: Anthony Davis LT –  Now that Pete has a shiny new toy to play with in Spiller, its time to get someone to clear some space for the kid.  Previous pick - Sergio Kindle

15. New York Giants:  Earl Thomas S  – The next best ILB prospect is arguably Sean Lee but he's a second round guy.  Thomas can move to FS and make a great pairing with Kenny Phillips at SS.  Previous pick - Rolando McClain

16. Tennessee: Sergio Kindle OLB/DE – And the fall for Kindle ends here.  He played DE in a 4-3 at Texas and he'll be a great fit in this defense.  Previous pick - Brandon Graham

17. San Francisco: Mike Iupati G/T – This pick remains the same.

18. Pittsburgh: Bryan Bulaga OT – Wow, from 5th to 18th!  But this a great pick for the Steelers as their O-Line is mediocre at best.  Life just got easier for Mendenhall and ..... Roethlisberger?  Clausen?  Batch?  Leftwych?  Previous pick - Kyle Wilson

19. Atlanta: Dez Bryant WR – White, Bryant, Turner and Ryan... if they can find some defensive help later on they might make a serious run at the conference title.  Previous pick - Williams

20. Houston: Kyle Wilson CB – The Duke is off the board so Wilson gets the call to replace the underwhelming and overpaid Dunta Robinson.  Previous Pick - Earl Thomas

21. Cincinnati: Brandon Graham DE – Same position, better player.  The Bengals will get a TE later if that's what they want.  Previous pick - Chris Dunlap

22. New England: Jermaine Gresham TE – Status quo.. however, Jared Odrick is a possibility.
MITTENS TRADE ALERT: If Gresham is gone (and no edge rushers are enticing enough) NE could very well trade out of this spot. Green Bay will almost certainly draft a LT or C/G and Dallas may want to trade up to the spot just in front to get their pick and thus leave Green Bay with the leftovers.

23. Green Bay: Maurkice Pouncey G/C – Same pick as before.

24. Philadelphia: Devin McCourty CB – Unchanged from before.  Will Dan Williams ever be drafted?

25. Baltimore: Dan Williams DT – TADOW!!  Question, with this monster lined up beside Ngata, how do you run on them?  How many QB's do they concuss?  Previous pick - Odrick

26. Arizona: Brandon Spikes LB – He's really only falling due to his pedestrian 40 time (his shuttle time was pretty good though - a better measuring stick for a ILB anyways).  Warm weather guy, high motor, perfect replacement for Dansby - they hope.  Previous Pick - Weatherspoon

27. Dallas: Bruce Campbell's most recent mock has Charles Brown as the guy but I think the upside is considerable with this kid.  I'm holding firm on this pick.

28. San Diego: Ryan Matthews RB – This might actually be the second closest thing to a guarantee after Bradford to the Rams.  Song Remains the Same at pick 28. 

29. New York Jets: Jared Odrick DE – I was staying with Griffen until I realized that Odrick was still on the board.  What a steal for Rex Ryan and now this defense is scary good.  Previous pick - Griffen

30. Minnesota: Patrick Robinson CB – Nothing changes here.

31. Indianapolis: Kareem Jackson CB – You should really check out the mock draft on that came out today.  I think Marshall Faulk was drunk.

32. New Orleans: Everson Griffen DE – I still think Nate Allen is a possibility here but it will be very tough for the Saints to pass on a talent like Griffen sliding down to 32.  Previous pick - Nate Allen

Notable 1st Round Absentees (and dropouts):

Nate Allen S - The only dropout from my previous draft.  He's a lock to go in the second round.  Miami might make a move to trade up for him.

Taylor Mays S - poor footwork, might end up a linebacker anyways.

Terrance Cody and Tyson Alualu DT - two teams in the first 10 picks of the second round just hit the goddamn jackpot.

Charles Brown OT - no way he gets past the Rams or Lions.

Demaryius Thomas WR - He needs coaching which is why he slides but he has huge potential. Tampa Bay takes a hard look.

Golden Tate WR - just a victim of the needs/numbers game. He won't get past Seattle.

Colt McCoy QB - if Tate and Thomas are gone, Seattle gives this guy serious consideration. As does Cleveland and San Fransisco.

Tim Tebow QB - If Buffalo passes on Clausen at 9 then they do everything they can to get this kid. Jim Kelly said he likes him so the Bills fans, ever so Pavlovian, now love Tebow too. He could bring His message to Western New York.


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