Top 10 WWE Saviors Who "I" Think Keep Mature Fans Hooked

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Top 10 WWE Saviors Who

Hey guys, I am back.

Ever since I joined this site I have read a lot of people criticizing WWE for many decisions and so have I.

With that said, people still continue to express their loyalty towards the product and so do I, by watching it every week.

Now, I wondered who are the "real wrestlers,” who still keep the “mature fans,” hooked to it.

I mean we all know that the kids just love John Cena but the mature fans don’t.

The kids find Rey Mysterio’s 619, “interesting” but as I have read on this site, many adults don’t. These adults have every reason to as they are not of the same age as us and hence, have a different and rather “better” mind set than we do.

So I wondered, Who Are The Real Saviors Of The WWE?

I mean who keeps the “mature” fans hooked to it.

In this article, I have formulated a list of top 10 wrestlers who still make the adult fans tune in every week and in a way, give them something to spend their time and money on.

I know that my previous article was also a slide-show but sorry to say, I was running out of ideas for an article and secondly, after this article I won’t get much free time to write because my school is reopening, and so I thought of writing this one down.

Also please note that I have taken the “mature audience” as the audience whose age is 18 years and above.

Also this is a kind of a difficult list to assign ranks to, so I have allotted positions to the various wrestlers on the basis of their position currently in WWE, how much applause or heat they get from the crowd, and whether or not they are in the main event scene. However, exceptions are always there.

Hope you like it!

And also before starting I would request you all to read this fantastic article written by Mike AKA The Professor as it deserved many more reads than it did. You can check it out at this link-

So here we go, hope you enjoy it.

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