2010 NFL Mock Draft: The Year of The Offensive Lineman

Bill RobbinsContributor IApril 21, 2010

This will an interesting draft with big name quarterbacks such as Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy. But these guys with the exception of Bradford will not be drafted that high. The guys that will highlight the draft will be the offensive lineman not the skill players. Even though I have Bradford #1 the next quarterback taken will go much later. Overall this is a solid draft but not spectacular.


1-St Louis Rams-Sam Bradford-Quarterback-Oklahoma

The Rams need a quarterback to replace Marc Bulger. Bulger is getting up there and Bradford is definitely a franchise quarterback. Suh is a possibility but not likely. I believe Bradford has a chance to be a future Super Bowl winner, he is that good, just needs to stay healthy.

2-Detroit Lions-Gerald McCoy-Defensive Tackle-Oklahoma

The Lions are in need for a defensive tackle. The answer is McCoy or Suh. I think they might go with McCoy because he is a better fit for their scheme but they could easily go with Suh. I believe it is either 60/40 McCoy but I think they already know who they will pick. This could be a 1-2 Oklahoma draft.

3-Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Ndamukong Suh-Defensive Tackle-Nebraska

The Bucs are need of defensive help and I believe Suh would be a slam dunk pick if he is still around at this point. Someone could trade up to #2 to get him. He could be the next Warren Sapp, he is that dominate. I believe he is better than McCoy and will have a better chance of being an All-Pro. Eric Berry is a possibility if Suh and McCoy are gone.

4-Washington Redskins-Russell Okung-Offensive Tackle-Oklahoma State

Washington is need of offensive lineman to protect Donovan McNabb. With retirement of Chris Samuels this becomes an essential need. Quarterback has a slim chance here with Jimmy Clausen but that would be too high for him. Okung is the best offensive lineman in the draft.

5-Kansas City Chiefs-Bryan Bulaga-Offensive Tackle-Iowa

The Chief could easily go with Trent Williams with this pick but I think Bulaga has the slight edge with the Chiefs. They need a tackle and Okung could be drafted here if he is still around.

6-Seattle Seahawks-Trent Williams-Offensive Tackle-Oklahoma

Seahawks need a left tackle badly and Williams is one of the last elite left on the board. But Eric Berry could easily be drafted at this pick. Right now it is 50/50 between Berry and an offensive tackle.

7-Cleveland Browns-Eric Berry-Safety-Tennessee

Best player left on the board and I don’t believe the Browns will make the same mistake taking a Notre Dame quarterback so high. I believe quarterback is at the top of their needs but they will pick one in the late 1st or 2nd round. I think if they get Clausen they will trade down to 15-20 range or draft someone like Colt McCoy in the 2nd round.

8-Oakland Raiders-Bruce Campbell-Offensive Tackle-Maryland

The Raiders really need an offensive tackle and Campbell would be the best pick considering the Raiders love workout warriors. Campbell ran amazing 4.85 at the combines at over 300 pounds. I have Campbell as a late 1st early 2nd but remember Darrius Heyward-Bey with the same draft rating and drafted at #7. Jason Pierre Paul and Eric Berry are another possibilities here.

9-Buffalo Bills-Anthony Davis-Offensive Tackle-Rutgers

The Bills are desperate need at the offensive line and Davis is the best tackle available at this point. I could see the Bills drafting Jimmy Clausen or Eric Berry or trading down at this point.

10-Jacksonville Jaguars-Derrick Morgan-Defensive End-Georgia Tech

I think Morgan could be a sack artist in the NFL. With the addition of Aaron Kampman and him, the Jaguars could have scary pass rush. Earl Thomas could easily be taken here as well Jason Pierre-Paul  and Eric Berry if he fell this far.

11-Denver Broncos-Dez Bryant-Wide Receiver-Oklahoma State

The Broncos are in desperate need at wide receiver after losing Brandon Marshall. Bryant is the best wide receiver in the draft. The Broncos could easily go with McClain or Kindle at #11.

12-Miami Dolphins-Rolando McClain-Insider Linebacker-Alabama

He reminds me somewhat of DeMeco Ryans coming out of college. I originally had the Dolphins taking Ryans in the 1st round.  He will help a lot with 3-4 defense in addition to his leadership skills. Could be a pro bowl player during his rookie year. Kindle or Spiller could also be drafted at this pick.

13-San Francisco 49ers-Joe Haden-Cornerback-Florida

The best cornerback in the draft helps fill in the need for the 49ers in the secondary. Anthony Davis or another offensive lineman could be drafted at this point but all the top ones are already taken.

14-Seattle Seahawks-CJ Spiller-Running Back-Clemson

Spiller is a dynamic player who has amazing speed. He will greatly help the Seattle offense.  Derrick Morgan could be taken here or offensive tackle if they didn’t draft one earlier.

15-New York Giants-Sergio Kindle-Linebacker-Texas

Dan Williams could easily be taken here but if Kindle or McClain is around I believe the Giants should draft either of these guys. Kindle is an elite player that could be drafted in the top 10.

16-Tennessee Titans-Jason Pierre-Paul-Defensive End-South Florida

Paul is amazing talent with character questions but Tennessee needs a great pass rusher.

17-San Francisco-Mike Iupati-Offensive Guard-Idaho

The 49ers are need of a boost in offensive line and Iupati is the best guard in this draft. Paul would be the pick if he hasn’t been taken.

18-Pittsburgh Steelers-Demaryius Thomas-Wide Receiver-Georgia Tech

Steelers are in desperate need at wide receiver considering they traded Holmes and Hines Ward is getting up there. Thomas would be a great fit at #18. Earl Thomas, Kyle Wilson, Joe Haden, or an offensive lineman could be possibilities here.

19-Atlanta Falcons-Brandon Graham-Defensive End-Michigan

Morgan would be the pick here but being already taken. Graham would be the best fit. Don’t rule out Kyle Wilson at #19. Someone could trade to this point to select Jimmy Clausen.

20-Houston Texans- Kyle Wilson-Cornerback-Boise State

After losing Dunta Robinson the Texans desperately need a cornerback. I have Wilson a close second behind Haden as the best cornerback in the draft. Mike Thomas could be drafted at this as well.

21-Cincinnati Bengals-Earl Thomas-Safety-Texas

Thomas would be a steal at this point. He could easily be a top 10 pick. Helps the Bengals defense improve.

22-New England Patriots-Jermaine Gresham-Tight End-Oklahoma

Patriots need a tight end and Gresham is the best in the draft. Brandon Graham could be a possibility but if Gresham is gone. Jimmy Graham could be another possibility but too early most likely 2nd round. Belichick always surprise people.

23-Green Bay Packers-Dan Williams-Defensive Tackle-Tennessee

Packers need improvement on the defense. Williams is the best defensive player left here. Kindle would be great to trade up for.

24-Philadelphia Eagles- Jerry Hughes-Outslde Linebacker-TCU

The best outside linebacker in the draft possibly. He would fill in an important need for the Eagles. Weatherspoon could be taken at this pick as well.

25-Baltimore Ravens-Taylor Mays-Safety-USC

Mays is the second best safety in the draft and a great athlete. Gresham, Golden Tate, or Demaryius Thomas could be possible picks.

26-Arizona Cardinals-Charles Brown-Offensive Tackle-USC

Helps fill in the need at offensive tackle. Mays, Thomas, Wilson, Haden, or Tate could all easily be picked at this point.

27-Dallas Cowboys-Markuis Poucey-Center-Florida

Poucey is the best center in the draft and will boost Dallas offensive line.  He will help them get to the super bowl. Weatherspoon would be a good pick at this point as well.

28-San Diego Chargers-Ryan Matthews-Running Back-Fresno State

The Chargers need a running back after the loss of Tomlinson and Turner the past few years. They will need a larger back to compliment the smaller quicker Sproles. Dwyer, Tebow, or Gerhardt are possible picks here at running back.

29-New York Jets-Jared Odrick-Defensive Tackle-Penn State

Could easily go much higher but is a great value pick for the Jets.

30-Minnesota Vikings-Jimmy Clausen-Quarterback-Notre Dame

Clausen could go as high as #4 but I have him falling all the way to #30. Most likely someone will trade up to get him. The Vikings will need a quarterback to eventually replace Favre. Tebow is a possible pick here.

31-Indianopolis Colts-Rodger Safford-Offensive Tackle-Indiana

Helps fill in the need for offensive tackle for the Colts.

32-New Orleans Saints-Sean Weatherspoon-Outside Linebacker-Missouri

A playmaker that would be a outstanding addition to the Saints. A shocker Jimmy Graham possibly could be taken here.




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