Houston Texans 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Make Or Break For The Texans

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Houston Texans 2010 NFL Mock Draft: Make Or Break For The Texans

We all remember the days of David Carr and the Houston Texans (please don’t remind me).

Luckily, it seems like those days are behind us and the Texans are headed down a much brighter path. They finally finished their first winning season and seem to have a different attitude in the locker room.

The 2010 NFL draft is going to be huge for the Texans. They have some big needs to fill and cannot afford to miss with the first two picks in the 2010 draft.

Ideally, they would love to find a playmaker like they found in Brian Cushing last year who can contribute right away.

Four out of the last five Houston Texans' first round picks are currently starters and they expect to draft someone in the first round who will be able to start from day one.

If free agency would have played out a little differently, then the Texans would not have to rely so heavily on the draft, but with the current management’s philosophy it doesn’t look like they are going to take a chance on free agents.

The Texans could have easily been a lock as a playoff team if they would have made any significant moves in free agency, however their ideology doesn’t allow them to offer a contract to someone who is older than 27.

The Texans must really have those Ahman Green nightmares in the back of their head because it seems like I am just now hearing about this "no veteran" free agent philosophy.

Whatever the case may be, if they are trying not to make the same mistakes that have burned them in the past, they would be advised to stay away from selecting a defensive tackle in the first round again.

Who would have thought it would take a 19-year-old three or four years to develop into a decent player? Seriously? He's just now turning 22, but that is a totally different subject.

Anyways, let’s get back to the matter at hand.

For the past couple of years, there is always one NFL analyst that picks the Texans to be the dark horse for making the playoffs, and every single year they say, "Wait until next year, this team is going to be really special."

You can't blame the guys for thinking the Texans were ready to win more than nine games in a season but it seems like every year there is always a pretty good excuse.

Injuries! If Matt Schaub can stay healthy...If Yao Ming can stay healthy...(Oops sorry, wrong sport but what is it about Houston and injuries?).

Matt Schaub was finally able to play through all 16 games and we were finally able to see what Gary Kubiak was talking about even after we were booing Schaub and asking for the Rosencopter.

It’s obvious the Texans are a better team and they keep improving every year, but eventually you have to have results.

Honestly, the Texans were a couple of missed field goals, goal-line stuffs, and teams resting their players away from making the playoffs.

They were ultimately knocked out by the team that beat them in the first game of the 2009 season, the New York Jets. But this season, there is no room for excuses.

Explaining to the fans why you haven't made the playoffs in five years might be hard for head coach Gary Kubiak, but he might have to explain that to them after this season.

Just when you think the Texans actually have a legit shot of making the playoffs, the NFL decides to give us the toughest schedule of all. Why do the football Gods hate us so much?

Based on the 2009 season, the Texans have the toughest schedule in the NFL ahead of them.

On top of playing the AFC South, NFC East, and the AFC West, the Texans will have to face the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Jets. They do not have a lot of room to slip up if they plan on making the playoffs this year.

That is why it is going to be tough to rely on rookies to step up and take starting roles next year, but that is the way it looks like it is going to be.

With the 2010 NFL Draft only one day away, I can only hope that the Texans will be fortunate to come away from it with some starters who can contribute right away. I am just tired of saying, “The Texans will be a playoff team next year.”

When I started making this mock draft all I could think about is what I would do but I do not think like the Texans front office.

Therefore, I spent a lot of time trying to understand what exactly the Texans will be looking for in the draft and where they might take them.

We all know that the Texans biggest draft need is a cornerback followed by a running back but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will draft them in that order.

Houston is a big fan of "value" and they may not take a player at a need position if they feel they can find a player with better value later on in the rounds.

Don't believe me?

When asked about looking for cornerbacks in the draft, Rick Smith was quoted as saying, “We're not depleted at the position, but you still are looking for impact players whenever you lose a player of his (Robinson's) caliber...You don’t reach because you might need a position.... If the guy can play football, you take the football player at the right value as opposed to maybe reaching for somebody at a need position.”

That sounds to me like my wish for us to draft a corner in the first round and big running back in the second has just about the same chance of happening as a black person being elected President of the United States. Oh wait, that did happen.

Well, I guess it could happen if Joe Haden happens to fall to pick 20 or the Texans think Kyle Wilson is the next Darrelle Revis, but I just don’t think that is the case.

As of right now, Glover Quin and Jacques Reeves are our starting cornerbacks. Brice McCain is the nickel back and Fred Bennett and Antwaun Molden will be competing for playing time.

That really scares me but it seems that the Texans are not going to go for a cornerback in the first round if they think they can get someone who can contribute in the second.

I have been working on this mock draft for over a week and I really feel that this is what the Texans are thinking and what you might see come draft time.

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