Same Old Gints

Tom DubberkeCorrespondent IApril 21, 2010

It’s hard to remain philosophical after the Giants lost their third straight, low-scoring one-run game tonight, 1-0 to the Padres.  The 2010 Giants are looking suspiciously like the 2009 Giants so far, a team with great pitching, poor hitting, and no ability to manufacture runs.

In the two games in San Diego, the Giants had runners on third with less than two outs five times and only scored one out of all those opportunities.  Tonight, in a 1-0 game, Nate Schierholtz led off the top of the 8th with a triple, and the Giants couldn’t get him home.  In the 9th, the Giants had runners at the corners with one out against Heath Bell, but a short fly and a strikeout later and the ballgame was over.  Pathetic!

The fast start got my hopes up that the Giants would occasionally score runs in bunches this year.  And they will occasionally.  However, there are also going to be a lot of night games in places like Los Angeles and San Diego, where the Giants’ entire offense will be a lone solo homerun by Juan Uribe, Pablo Sandoval or Bengie Molina (or the Giant hitter of your choice).

Jonathan Sanchez pitched another great game, striking out ten in seven innings.  However, he gave up a hit to Chase Headley. Headley stole second, received third base when Aubrey Huff fell into the stands over a low railing catching a foul pop-up, and scored on the sacrifice fly the Giants couldn’t get.

Sanchez also sabotaged his cause by bunting back to the pitcher early in the game after Eli Whiteside led off the inning with a ground rule double.  Whiteside was caught between second and third, and when Eugenio Velez followed with a single, there wasn’t anyone left in scoring to position to come home.

Games don’t get much more frustrating than that.