Three Reasons to Buy WEC on PPV

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IApril 21, 2010

The WEC pay per view is just days away and some may not have decided yet whether or not to buy the PPV.  Here are three reasons why MMA fans should buy the WEC PPV.

First, fans should buy the pay per view to support the fighters of the WEC.  It has been discussed at great length the fact that WEC fighters do not make as much as the fighters in the WEC's sister promotion the UFC.  This is the opportunity for those fighters to make more money.  Dana White has even said that the fighters on the pay per view will make the most they have ever made while working for Zuffa.

The second reason is because most WEC broadcasts will still be free to those who have Versus.  WEC general manager Reed Harris has stated that the current plan is to keep most fight cards on Versus with one super card per year on pay per view.  Fans need to look at this as a once a year charge for all the free broadcasts they receive on Versus.

The final reason is more than likely fans will not feel that they wasted their money.  It is hard to remember the last time a WEC card left the fans with the feeling they were just robbed of two hours of their life, or saying that if future cards were like that they would stop watching.  It is almost a guarantee that fans will enjoy the fights.

If you haven't decided whether or not to buy the WEC pay per view take these three reasons into consideration.  Chances are you won't regret it if you do.