The Big Ten Pimp Hand Is Strong!!!

Ron JonesContributor IApril 20, 2010

As a Ohio State and Big Ten fan, I have witnessed at least a decade and a half of Big Ten bashing..."Oh you guys are too slow", "The Big Ten sux", "nothing like that southern speed",  every year I have to hear that crap.  Even Kirk Herbstreet (a friggin Buckeye) perpetually lays the lumber to Ohio State and the Big Ten when he comments on matchups against out of conference opponents.  I guess Jim Delany and pals are showing who really is inadequate where it counts...the checkbook.  Since December, when the announcement was made that the Big Ten would take a look at expansion, the entire College Football world has been on edge. 

The Pac 10 has decided they want to take a look at expansion, Jake Crouthamel (former AD at Syracuse and Founding Father of the Big East) is predicting a defunct Big East, Mizzou's governor is flirting like a liquored-up hussy, Notre Dame's AD is having to retract statements that he made cause he apparently pissed somebody off, Hell I've even seen suggestions on a blog somewhere that the Big Ten may go after ACC cornerstones (Duke, UNC, UVA, and MD).

The only conference I don't hear anything about is the Southeastern Conference (cause they are making a boatload of money too), and the only school that could turn down an offer would be Texas.  Every school east of the Rockies not in the SEC or named Texas is basically in play for this next round of realignments.  Last time (2003) all of the major conferences stood pat except naturally the Big East and the ACC.  Regardless of what happens as far as expansion goes I have thoroughly enjoyed the squirming, anticipation, and speculation about what a "sucky" conference will do to your school or conference. 

I apologize if you have not treated the Big Ten with disrespect.