robert cummingsContributor IApril 20, 2010

This pass weekend Jason "Mayhem" Miller did what any fighter would do if he wants a title shot, he went to the champ Jake Shields and asked for a title shot.

Now a lot of you so-called sports writers have been blaming Mayhem for the brawl saying "He stole Jake Shields spotlight." Now if you go back and watch what happened Mayhem walked up and asked Jake Shields for a rematch. Before Jake Shields could say anything Gilbert Melendez pushed Mayhem, so how was it Mayhem fault?

Fighters have been crashing post-fight interviews for as long as I can remember so how come when Mayhem does it he's labeled the bad guy?

If Gilbert Melendez wouldn't of pushed Mayhem then the brawl would of never happened. Mayhem didn't come inside the cage looking for a brawl he came looking for a rematch against a guy who beat him because of the stupid point system.

I know some of you might say "Jake Shields beat Mayhem hands down" but a true MMA fan could see that yeah Jake took him down but he didn't do enough to win. If Jake fought Mayhem the way he fought Dan "too old" Henderson then I wouldn't be writing this article.

Jake Shields camp is to blame for what happened this past weekend not Mayhem, the Diaz brothers also gets some of the blame and if I was Dana White I would stop Nate Diaz from attending any StrikeForce event that his brother isn't fighting in.

Mayhem did what any fighter would do if he feels threatening and he shouldn't have to apologize for that. If you feel what he did was wrong then I guess I should come and push you around.