Strange New Brick Appears at Citi Field (Satire)

Randy MedinaCorrespondent IApril 20, 2010

Fans arriving at Citi Field today may want to check out the fanwalk for an interesting brick that has seemingly popped up overnight.

The brick, located on the left field side of the fan walk, appears to have been purchased by disgruntled former Mets first baseman Mike Jacobs. A bitter farewell to the big club before going down to the minors.

The brick once again shines a light on quality control issues with the fanwalk. Many of you may remember the "I've Decided To Have Surgery After All" brick purchased by Carlos Beltran during the off season.

We at The Apple are concerned as to why the Mets would allow these kinds of messages. While several of our calls went unanswered, we finally did receive this email from the Mets front office:

Dear Mr. Apple,

We are glad to see that you have taken an interest in the Citi Field fanwalk. While we understand your concern about the fanwalk we would like to reassure you that we take quality control very seriously. The brick in question was the subject of great debate at our office, but in the end we decided to place it for two reasons: 1) To honor the great 14 days of service by Mr. Jacobs and 2) In this economy we simply cannot turn away $300 from anyone. Especially once fans start to realize they can engrave their own brick for free with their car keys. We thank you for your interest and would like to remind you that there are many great spots still available in the fanwalk.

Thank you & Let's Go Mets,
Lindsay Cohen
New York Mets Fanwalk Dept.

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.