Boxing Notes From The Corner, April 20th, 2010: RIP Edwin Valero

Alex SmithContributor IApril 20, 2010

I'm starting a new article this month where every few weeks, I give my two (or three) cents about the latest news, fights, and other various forms of info from the world of boxing.

This week, I want to discuss the tragic, breaking news of the death of 27-year-old troubled star Edwin Valero.

This is a sad passing on many levels. Not only was he a bright shining star that could have been part of a revival of the sport in North America, but his demons consumed not only himself, but his family as well.

After reading the stories from people who were around him during his far-too-short career, he never got the help that he truly needed, and it led to him murdering his wife and then taking his own life.

I've read some pretty sick articles (on Bleacher Report and other sites) that have celebrated the death of Valero due to his actions. While we will never know the intent and cause of his crime, we can say that his issues were a factor in the outcome of his closing of life.

R.I.P Edwin Valero 1981-2010

*Note* This is a topic that really hits home with me, personally. Suicide is NEVER the answer, and if you, or someone you know or suspect, has issues with suicide or depression, check out Suicide Awareness Voices of Education.

Their website is