College Football: 10 Good Receivers in Need of a Quarterback

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College Football: 10 Good Receivers in Need of a Quarterback

There’s a phrase my grandmother used to say, it went a little something like, “you don’t have a pot to tinkle in, nor a window to toss it out”—that’s the clean version. It essentially meant, you are in a world of trouble because no matter what you do, you are doomed.

It’s a phrase that comes to mind when I think of today’s college football players who may be missing out on big numbers and big NFL dollars because they don’t have a good quarterback at the helm—the wide receiver in particular.

Think about it, where would Dez Bryant be without Zac Robinson? How far would Golden Tate have gone minus Jimmy Clausen? Maybe, maybe not, but the fact is having a good quarterback is something that can, sometimes, make or break a wide receiver’s chances at stardom.

What follows are the names of a few guys who could find themselves in a tough spot next season due to their team’s issues at signal caller.

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