Mark Henry an ECW Champion?

Jason RichmondCorrespondent IJuly 15, 2008

Mark Henry, ECW Champion!? Spare me.

Wait a minute. Let me rethink that…

Mark Henry is a former Olympian who has been with the company for 12 years. He’s been through horrible gimmicks, nagging injuries, and has only once been given the chance to be a champion—and that was 10 years ago.

He’s never really had the chance to do anything in his 12 years as a professional wrestler. He has put many faces over. No, I am not talking about the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. I am talking about the numerous times he’s been used by an evil GM in handicapped matches meant to crush a face that usually ended up with him getting clotheslined out of the ring and the face picking up the victory.

Mark Henry deserves to be a champion, and not as a reward because of anything said backstage. You may say that Henry’s ring skills are not that great, but a title was awarded to The Great Khali, right? So why not Mark Henry? To tell you the truth, his promos aren’t that bad.

They’re better than Chris Benoit’s (I know, we’re not supposed to say his name). They’re definitely better than Khali’s. I have actually enjoyed his words towards Tommy Dreamer and Colin Delaney in recent weeks.

So, why not Mark Henry? ECW is the perfect place because he can use a hardcore style without having to use as many wrestling moves. The man provides some huge hits on people and could make for some good matches with Hardcore Specialists Dreamer and Richards on ECW.

Throw in a match with Mick Foley along the way and Henry could be a true “Hardcore” champion. Henry is in the perfect spot right now. He can be brutal. He can talk a little smack. He is a man you love to hate. He is a champion.