Dan Boyle Submits His Entry For Fail Of The Year

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IApril 19, 2010

SAN JOSE, CA - MARCH 28:  Dan Boyle #22 of the San Jose Sharks in action during their game against the Colorado Avalanche at HP Pavilion on March 28, 2010 in San Jose, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Last night was probably the worst night in the career of one, Dan Boyle. He went through a very humiliating play which ended up costing his Sharks the game and the series lead. Let me fill you in on the story.

It goes like this…

It’s Game 3 of the Western Conference Quarter-Final between the San Jose Sharks and the Colorado Avalanche. It’s been a pretty good game for both the Sharks and Avalanche so far. Both goaltenders have played some of their best hockey this year which resulted in a low scoring game.

How low scoring? 0-0 low scoring.

The teams went in to overtime with the score tied at 0-0 with neither team managing to score past the solid netminding. Anderson and Nabokov had both made some great saves to keep the contest 0-0, but overtime meant someone had to score.

Overtime begins and we wouldn’t have to wait too long for a goal, but what happened is it turned out be an own goal on San Jose’s part. Dan Boyle had found himself the victim of this unfortunate own goal. In an attempt to clear the puck out of the zone, the puck went flying towards and past Evgeni Nabokov. That was like basically handing Colorado the victory in the hockey game.

Ok, these things happen, but could it have come in any worse way? You’re in overtime, the series is tied at 1 a piece and if you win this, you get the lead, no goals have been scored yet, and last but not least, you’re a team that struggles in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Which meant that something had to be proven, only thing that was proven on that part is how one stupid play can cost a team everything.

After the puck crossed the line you probably could tell what Dan Boyle was thinking, "Did I really just do that!?"

And Nabokov, "Did he really just do that!?"

And the coach, "Oh boy, he did just do what I think he did."

The bench was probably thinking to themselves, "DAN! What the hell did you just do!?"

Basically it was disappointment and frustration all around. Can you really blame them? Here they are, they’ve played a near perfect game and have a chance to make it perfect by getting the job done in overtime. They have a chance to get the win and the series win and show the doubters that they can indeed play in the playoffs, but what happens is one stupid, (emphasis on stupid) error costs them the entire hockey game.

For Dan Boyle’s sake, I hope he has a very strong showing in the next game of the series. I think it’ll help his teammates forgive and him to forget. And here’s hoping that San Jose escapes that game with a win. They could really use it. For those who were watching this game, like I was, must’ve been either laughing their butts off at Dan or shaking the T.V. apart out of frustration (for all the Sharks fans out there).

Colorado caught a great break here and if they play they’re cards right they can go into Game 4 and pull out a good win from under the table.

Well the only real thing we can hope for now is that this kind of things doesn’t happen again. Or actually maybe it should be the other way around so Dan can say to himself, "Oh well, at least I'm not the only one."

Make sure to catch Game 4 of this series tomorrow, it should be a good one.

For those of you who want to see this play for whatever your reasons might be, here you go:


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