An X-Treme Mistake: Douglas Williams Is No Longer X-Division Champ

RobertContributor IApril 19, 2010

Last night, at TNA Wrestling's Lockdown pay-per-view, Kazarian became the NEW X-Division Champion. How is this possible? Douglas Williams, who was the official champion before the event, was stuck in the United Kingdom because the country's airspace was closed after a volcano eruption in Iceland forcing him to miss the event. TNA then announced that Williams was being stripped of his title, despite the fact that he still had possession of the belt.

In my honest opinion, this was not a fair decision by TNA. The match shouldn't have taken place. This is how I see it. Douglas was unable to travel because of an unforeseen natural disaster. If he had a good reason for being overseas the day before the event, such as a live event, he did not deserve to lose his title. However, if he didn't need to be there, I would have no problem with this decision.

Douglas Williams is a talented wrestler who has done a good job as champion. Unless he was somewhere he didn't need to be, he shouldn't have lost his title the way he did. But, the reality is this: Douglas Williams is no longer the X-Division champion and Kazarian is. TNA must do something about this, starting tonight on iMPACT!.