Ben Roethlisberger's "Victims" Not So Sweet, Not So Innocent

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Ben Roethlisberger's
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If you went to a garage to have your vehicle looked at and the mechanics took advantage of you from a monetary standpoint, would you return to that shop?

If you went to a restaurant for dinner and the waiter spit in your food as he placed it down in front of you, would you give that establishment your business again?

If another individual smacked you in the face upon approaching them, would you go near them a second time?

I'd venture to guess the answer to all of these is a resounding no, and the reason I ask these silly questions because I'd like us all to take a moment and rethink the mental image we have of the women claiming they were wronged by Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger.

The most recent is a student who claimed she attended a party hosted by Ben in which he supposedly exposed himself to her, adding "you can do whatever you want." Of course the sweet southern bell was horrified right? She ran for the hills right? Surely, she would never put herself in that horrifying situation again right? Figuratively speaking, he just spit in her food. He ripped her off. He smacked her in the face.

If you said yes, you are dead wrong. Little miss innocent attended another party hosted by Rothlesberger after the supposed incident outlined above occurred. What kind of girl would do that? Mother Theresa? No. I'll tell you what kind. An immature attention hungry whore. This is of course assuming her story is even true.

Oh and then we've got the Lake Tahoe adulteress, running around sleeping with married men. She sounds like a real winner. All about morals. A real family values kind of gal'. It wasn't enough for her to mess around with a married man, she apparently saw no issue in spreading her wings for Big Ben too. Someone needs to lock her down right now–she's no doubt the marrying kind.

Let's not forget about the under 21 bar hopping bimbo wearing a "DTF (Down To F**K)" button that boozed it up with Ben all night long before supposedly saying "Gee whiz Mr. Roethlisberger, I'm not that kind of girl. Walking around with a fake ID and getting drunk out of my mind all night long with a group of guys I've never met before is totally cool but that's the extent of my big girl prowess ... unless of course you like me enough to date me."

I find it funny that in the "victim's" police report statement she says that Ben left the bathroom without saying anything. What does that mean?

Let's assume for a moment that the two of them hooked up in some fashion. Would the exchange of bodily fluids been acceptable to her had he said "Wow, you are so beautiful. I've been searching all my life for a girl that would bl*w me in a bathroom stall. I'd really like for us to see each other again. Is that cool with you? Maybe we can be exclusive and some day tie the knot?"

We'll never know because according to her, Ben said nothing. He supposedly just got up and walked away. Drunk college girl angry!! Ben will pay!!

Message to Ben. Wake up and smell the skank. You're a bigger idiot than anyone is giving you credit for if you continue to let these types of women into your life. If you are truly innocent of nothing more than being stupid, here is my advice to you.

The next time your TV breaks, hire a man to fix it. The next time you go out for a drink, hit up a classy establishment not found in the middle of the woods. The kind underage college girls can't waltz into shit-faced. Be a little more selective the next time you throw a party.

If you don't trust your judgement in any of these situations, take up video games. Start playing World of Warcraft during the off-season. No one will press charges against you for exposing your avatar in Goldshire. You can even dance on a mailbox while doing it.

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