Edwin Valero's Sad, Sad Story

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIApril 19, 2010

Yesterday I wrote an article regarding the sad news that Edwin Valero had been arrested for the murder of his wife in Caracas, Venezuela. 

Things got worse today with the news that Edwin committed suicide in his jail cell.

It's hard to say what demons drove "Dinamita" to commit these acts. Alcoholism and drug addiction seemed to be at the center of the storm, but other men and women with those problems have managed to avoid committing murder and suicide.

I also do not know if it was advisable for Valero to continue fighting after his motorcycle accident in 2001. Doctors in New York examined Valero in 2004 and refused to license him to fight. They said he shouldn't box again. 

I do know it's hard to tell a pugilist that his career is over. It's even harder to find a promoter who won't find a way to squeeze another dollar out of fighter if he can find a venue that will allow that boxer to fight and make money.

And there's always a venue willing to step up.

I do know Valero didn't get any help with his problems. Whether that's all his fault or the fault of others I have no idea.

I just know it's a sad story. An all too common one in the sport of boxing.