Mid-Card Jobber Or Your Next World Champion?The WWE Is Clueless

Michael PatrickCorrespondent IApril 19, 2010

The All American American Jack Swagger our World Heavyweight Champion representing the Smackdown brand as the the top guy on the show. Wait a minute isn't this the guy who hadn't even won a match on Raw in 2010 at one point? Oh thats right he's man who was jobbing to santino marrella leading up to the Royal Rumble PPV.

But who cares he deserves to be World Champion after all he did do a fantastic job losing every week.The WWE clearly doesn't have a clue what they are doing.

I mean yes Jack Swagger has all the tallent in the world and deserves to be winning world championships in the future but not right now and especially with the way the WWE went about it. I mean let's take ourselves back to the Hell in a Cell. Jack Swagger competed in a triple threat match for the US tittle against two fellow mid carders THE MIZ and Kofi Kingston with kofi picking up the win.Lets fast forward to last weeks friday night Smackdown. Jack Swagger competed in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship against 2 of the biggest stars in the companys history, Chris Jericho and Edge. But this time Jack Swagger wins and retains the world tittle.

Now is it just me or is this absolutelty ridiculous. How can a man who can't even win the US tittle against two mid-carders beat two former wwe world heavyweight champions.

This clearly not how an up and coming superstar is supposed to be developed into a main event player. Could you imagine if Stone cold,The Rock or Triple H had been elevated in this way. Would we give them the credibility they were given,I don't think so.

The WWE gave him no momentum not even a lucky couple of victory's over a main eventer.This would at least gave him some credibility and wouldn't have been such a suprise that he won the money in the bank ladder match as it would have seemed he was getting some sort a push anyway. But it seems the WWE are going for the element of suprise as they clearly think that is what the fans want. But as a fan i want to see interesting storylines and superstars being pushed because it makes sense not that it shocked me for 5 minutes during a show or PPV.

Then they have superstars such as Kofi Kingston who get's a massive push and is thrown into a decent feud with one of the company's biggest stars Randy Orton. This made great sense as they were pushing a young superstar who had already won all the mid card tittles and was ready to make the next step in his carreer and main event.

But what happens? He finishes the feud with Orton and has become a week in week out jobber.But maybe Kofi hasn't lost all hope i mean look at Swagger he was jobbing but all of a sudden he's the World Heavyweight Champion.

Maybe theres hope for Guys like Primo,Carlitto,Jimmy wang yang,R-Truth,Matt Hardy and Chavo Guerrero who if there lucky get a slot on the show. I mean if the WWE are going for the element of suprise how suprising would it be for jimmy wang yang to replace Orton in the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules and win. From jobber to World champion just like Jack Swagger.

Doesn't it make sense to push guys who have been with the company for a respectable period of time and deserve a push rather than push guys who don't deserve it just yet. John Morrisson,Christian,Kofi and Shelton Benjamin are all WWE superstars who deserve a push but are likely not going to get it.

Why? My veiw is that backstage power is manipulating the key authorities in the WWE. Look at sheamus he went from rookie to WWE Champion in a matter of six months. I wonder what superstar was behind that push cough cough Triple H. This yet again is not how you develope up and coming superstars and some superstars in the WWE must be pissed off that a man who was only there for six months gets the reward that they have been competing in the ring for years to get but have not yet achieved.

This is my veiw on the way the WWE are developing young tallent

what do you think?