Paula Creamer wins without pants

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Paula Creamer wins without pants
Paula Creamer the new darling of American golf did an extraordinary thing Sunday.

She won while wearing no pants.

The pundits will tell you, she barely held off her competition with her golf. I will tell you, she barely held me off with her nine iron. Paula Creamer without pants is like Christmas in July. Is there anything better, than presents in the middle of summer, when you least expect it?

Yes there is - Paula Creamer playing golf without her tight white pants on.

It's not that I don't fully appreciate the tight white pants. I also like it when she occasionally opts for shorts. These are all good things.

My favorite, by far, however is Paula without pants or shorts.

Yes - my favorite way to see Paula Creamer is with a skirt on.

I am suspicious her skirts are really that devious invention the skort. Obviously a contraption put forth to the world by an evil woman. Skirt or skort I do not care because in my mind only lives the skirt. The skort is not allowed to enter my mind while watching the LPGA's finest legs parade around the golf course. Yes I know the skort shows us the same thing, a skirt does, but it doesn't give us the hope we may see more.

See more - is exactly what I want from Paula Creamer. I want to see her every Sunday. Preferably before NASCAR so I don't have to record her. Although it is not a bad idea. With her recorded I could study her swing to see if I can spot a problem and offer some private lessons. Maybe her skirt is too long and hampering her hip turn? Maybe her shirt is too lose and slowing her swing? Maybe nibbling her Pink Panther ear rings between holes would help her relax? Paula I am here to help.

We hope in the future Paula plays all final rounds without pants. We like watching Creamer play golf bare legged. There is nothing like watching her exquisite swing with her legs flexing. Watching her kneel next to her ball studying a put. The best is when she makes the put - she has this habit of bending only at the waist when she reaches down to retrieve her Pink ball.

Late in the round when she is getting hot and so am I. Her walk from hole to hole could be a television show all by itself. Her skirt swaying. Her legs glistening from perspiration. Her long light brown pony tail, held by a pink ribbon, bouncing.

Then there are the special days. The special final rounds. Seven in her career. Three so far this year. The rounds when she is winning. The walk to the eighteenth should be a painting. Her with all those visual assets working plus one.

Paula Creamer's winning smile.

It almost makes you forget she has no pants on.

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